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Renewed In Jesus

Brad Whitt

I believe that many times we fail to understand just how much a thing’s value is determined by a thought. For example, what is the difference between a cut that comes from the surgeon’s scalpel, and one that comes from an assailant’s blade? It’s a thought. It is the difference between one whose purpose is to help, and another’s intention to hurt.

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NAMB Trustees Deny Partnerships

On October 6, 2014, I posted a Request to NAMB Trustees regarding our partnerships with non-Southern Baptist organizations in church planting. The Trustees were kind enough to offer their Prompt Reply, in which I discovered new information about our church planting process. Listed below are my comments and observations in light of their recent correspondence.

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Is War in the Will of God? / W.A. Criswell


The power of the sword in the hand of the state is an ordination of God.

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The Homosexual Issue and How We Move Forward


I am not sure what preachers or churches that Dr. Moore is listening to, but for him to imply on behalf of the Southern Baptist Convention affiliated churches that we are changing in how we deal with this issue is frightening.

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Sinner’s Prayer Strikes Again & Again

Apparently, God’s sovereign omnipotence is so great that He can even use evangelistic methods that don’t work—like Super Bowl Parties and Gospel Tracts and especially the Sinner’s Prayer.

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