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One Pastor's Analysis of the GCRTF Report

There are various analysis of the GCRTF report.  Some are saying things that the report has not said while others are merely expressing degrees of agreement and disagreement. The following analysis is merely one pastor of 40,000 that has read the report and considers the recommendations.  I want to begin by saying that I agree […]

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The Cost of Following Christ

When I surrendered to Christ in 1988 someone asked me if I had counted the cost.  As a new Christian I responded that I had, but in reality I could not know exactly what the cost was of following Jesus.  I knew that I had surrendered to Him and it made no difference to me […]

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A Review of Logos Bible Software

For those that may be looking for a new Bible Software to help in sermon preparation this review is for you.  A former contributor to SBC Today, Robin Foster, loves this bible software as much as he loves lollipops. :)  Seriously, Robin has switched to the Logos Software and gives helpful advice to those that […]


One of the criticisms often bandied about in the transition that Southern Baptist Life is undergoing is that people have to realize this isn’t the 1950’s anymore.  I’m grateful for the wakeup call because I was just about to make a run to the local Gibson’s on the corner :)  I think it might surprise […]

Quixote, Peyote, and Coyotes

The current debate over the perceived generational divide in the SBC brings forth a variety of conclusions. The emerging church has its roots in Leadership Network Symposiums to reach Generation X. Much morphing has transformed this movement into a polyglot of expressions. Yet one of the unexamined assumptions of the generational emphasis is the pragmatic […]