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Baptist Unity

What is most important in a Baptist church, unity in the fellowship, or renaming the Building Fund offering?  Well, everyone would say that if renaming the Building Fund offering were going to cause a divisive nature within the fellowship of the church then it would be better not to proceed. It seems that the GCRTF’s […]

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The Main Reason behind the GCRTF Report

Upon reading Dr. Alvin Reid’s perspective on the reasons to attend the convention in Orlando, I was encouraged and excited.  I encourage you to read his perspective found at the above link.  I must admit I was a bit surprised after reading reasons #3, #4, and #6.   Dr. Reid is an eloquent writer who can […]

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The Reason that Homosexuality is Spoken of so much Today?

Maybe a Baptist Press article shows us the reason why the sin of homosexuality is talked about so much by Pastors in our day and time?  I mean, homosexuality is being thrown in our faces from all angles; from TV shows, to movies, to comediennes, to songs, to government action, to gay protests, etc, etc, […]

Danger: Construction Zone

A PHP injection attack is spreading like wildfire among WordPress hosted blogs. For a brief period of time today SBC Today was affected. Although I am no longer contributing to SBC Today, the SBC Today team knows that I know a bit of the PHP computer language, so they asked me to log in and […]

Happy Mother’s Day

To all of the Mothers in our lives we at SBC Today want to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.  It is an honor to be a Mother and we honor you today.  Thank you for showing the unconditional love that you do for us every day.  When God gives a woman the honor […]