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Age of Accountability

The Resource Managers here at SBC Today are on a hiatus until sometime this fall.  However, we are still publishing on our personal blogs.  Over at Southern Baptist in NC, I have posted an article by Dr. Steve Lemke.  I encourage you to come over and view it.  Dr. Lemke serves as Provost of New […]

Great One Liners

Here are some one liners from a Pastor named Kevin DeYoung, who is the Pastor of the University Reformed Church in E. Lansing, Michigan. These one liners are great quotes. Read, enjoy, and learn from them. Here they are: • The Church is Christ’s bride. And why is it that so many people think it […]

SBC Time! Pray!

I just wanted to write a quick post to ask all of our readers to pray for the SBC as we meet next week. We ask for your prayers. We want the Lord to bless our time together. We want God’s presence to be felt in a strong and real way. We want God’s wisdom […]

Our Choice: Jimmy Jackson

Since June 4, 1978, Dr. Jimmy Jackson has served faithfully as pastor of Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama. Next week, he will be nominated to succeed Johnny Hunt as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and we heartily support his election to that office. Dr. Jackson’s experience, wisdom, and demeanor uniquely qualify him to […]

Baptist Unity

What is most important in a Baptist church, unity in the fellowship, or renaming the Building Fund offering?  Well, everyone would say that if renaming the Building Fund offering were going to cause a divisive nature within the fellowship of the church then it would be better not to proceed. It seems that the GCRTF’s […]

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