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A Biblical Critique of Calvinism Part 3:
The Unlimited Nature of the Gospel Invitation

by Dr. Michael A. Cox, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Pryor, Oklahoma, and author of Not One Little Child: A Biblical Critique of Calvinism ————————————– This is the sixth of a series of articles by Dr. Cox, with a Biblical critique of Calvinism drawn in part from his book Not One Little Child. ————————————– Doctrines […]

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A Selective Review and Critique of Whomever He Wills – Part 2E

David L. Allen Matthew Barrett and Thomas Nettles, eds. Whomever He Wills: a Surprising Display of Sovereign Mercy (Cape Coral, FL: Founders Press, 2012), 401 pgs. This post and the subsequent four which will follow are a continuation of Dr. Allen’s review and critique of David Schrock’s chapter on the extent of the atonement entitled “Jesus […]

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Commenting Closed until 7:00am

Commenting on today’s interview with Pastor Ralph Green has been closed for the day.  Tomorrow’s post – The Gospel Project: A Birdseye View from the Blue Ridge Mountains By Emir Caner Will post at 7:00 a.m. and commenting will resume at that time.  Please review the commenting guidelines.  Discussion is encouraged; however, personal attacks are […]

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R.G. Lee: “Eyes Upon Southern Baptists”

Office of Press Representative Release 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, May 10 Southern Baptist Convention – 1950 No. 10 PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS: EYES UPON SOUTHERN BAPTISTS Robert G. Lee, President Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee ============ R.G. Lee, 1886 – 1978 Born in a log cabin in South Carolina, Robert Green Lee gave his life to Christ in […]

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