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A Brief Visit with Dr. Paige Patterson

February 5, 2009

patterson.jpgOne year ago yesterday, we posted an interview with Southwestern Seminary president Dr. Paige Patterson, as Tim Rogers talked with Dr. Patterson in Jacksonville, Florida. Today, we present another.

Dr. Patterson was in Hugo, Oklahoma for the Frisco Baptist Association‘s annual evangelism conference, and I was able to talk to him briefly after the conference had ended. We talked about issues ranging from ecclesiology to ecumenism, the characteristic passion for missions that has always defined Southwestern, to the future legacy of the seminary as envisioned by the school’s eighth president. We even talked a little about some of the silly rumors generated by recent tabloid blogging.

You can listen to the interview right here in the post, or you can pack it onto your iPod for later use. Just click on the iTunes button in the sidebar under “Podcast.”

Tabloid Blogging

February 4, 2009

Because of the recent tabloid blogging that has occurred at this site here and here, we at SBC Today have been busy answering questions on when we would respond to what one Calvinistic professor called,  “lies and slander” of the aforementioned postings.  At first, we were not going to respond.  After all, what logical and rational thinking person would think that Dr. Patterson was out to get rid of the Calvinists at SWBTS knowing that he brought on Calvinists to the faculty while he was president of both Southeastern and Southwestern and that a 5 point Calvinist from SWBTS called these accusations “lies and slander.”  But alas, it seems that logic is being thrown out the window concerning these posts.

Therefore, we will provide something of more substance on this subject before Friday, but until then may we direct you to Bart Barber’s thoughts regarding this matter.

Baptist Distinctives Series

August 15, 2008

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will host its fourth annual Baptist Distinctives Series conference on September 25-26, 2008. This year’s topic is “Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church.” The conference will explore the biblical foundations for the New Testament church as expressed in the Baptist Faith & Message 2000. Topics will include the autonomy of the local church, church governance, church officers, ordinances, denominationalism, the local and universal church, and the mission of the church. Several Baptist theologians, historians, and pastors will be leading the conference, including Paige Patterson, James Leo Garrett, Keith Eitel, Malcolm Yarnell, Emir Caner, and Byron McWilliams. Our hope is that pastors, laypeople, and students alike will be challenged and encouraged by this discussion of ecclesiology and Baptist history.

The conference will be hosted at the Riley Center at Southwestern, located on the southeast corner of campus at 1701 W. Boyce Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76115. Early registration costs $50, and $25 for students through September 11. After September 11, registration increases by $25. For more information, schedule, and online registration, click on the image above or call 817-923-1921 ext 2440.

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