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Guest Author: Rev. John Mann

John Mann has been the pastor of LaJunta Baptist Church in Springtown, Texas since November 2000. He is currently completing his MDIV with a concentration in Theology at SWBTS. He has been active in the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, which he served on the Resolutions Committee in 2007. He has a great passion for […]

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Sermon by Dr. David Allen

SBC Today would like to introduce to you Dr. David Allen. Dr. Allen serves Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as Dean of the School of Theology, Professor of Preaching, Director of the Center for Expository Preaching, and George W. Truett Chair of Ministry. His positions are many and his focus is simple–preach the Word. Dr. Allen […]

Interview with Dr. Paige Patterson

While most of us are laboring away in colder climes, Tim Rogers is enjoying himself in the Sunshine State. He’s attending the annual Pastor’s Conference at First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, and on Saturday he was able to sit down with Southwestern Seminary president Dr. Paige Patterson. Dr. Patterson talks about the New Baptist Covenant […]

Guest Author: Cowboy Hats or Roman Birettas? Reforming Academic Habits

It seems that some people are concerned about our new habit of wearing cowboy hats during academic ceremonies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The complaint is that wearing a cowboy hat is somehow undignified and inappropriate. Please realize that the mortarboard that most modern academics wear as a hat actually derives from the medieval Roman […]

Dr. Patterson on Calvinism

I am hopeful that last week’s Building Bridges conference on Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention will be the beginning of an important and helpful conversation about how we can work together as Baptists, Calvinist and non-Calvinist, without any negative effects resulting from our differing viewpoints. There is so much on which we agree that […]