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Interview with Dr. Albert Mohler

almohler.jpgRobin Foster and I, along with blogger, pastor, and fellow Okie Scott Gordon, sat down this afternoon with Dr. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Mohler was in Oklahoma for the Pastor’s Conference preceding the 101st Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, and was gracious enough to spend a few minutes talking with us.

We covered a variety of topics in the limited time we had, from his recent health issues to what he does to relax. He talked about supposed conflicts between the Baptist Faith & Message and the Abstract of Principles, and addressed the adoption of an anti-Calvinism statement by an Oklahoma association (Click here for the details).

We also visited this morning with Dr. Danny Akin of Southeastern Seminary, and we’ll post that audio in a couple of days. We appreciate Dr. Mohler making time for us today. Click below to listen to the interview, which was recorded using the second-best digital audio recorder Wal-Mart has to offer.

The Trustee System – Working as Designed

It seems that each time one turns around there is another leader under fire. For many that do not believe the trustee system works, these two articles should put that fear to rest. Our trustee system is doing what it was designed to do. They are holding the leaders accountable and they are assuring Southern Baptists that our various entities operate with full integrity.

This first article is the Baptist Press story from the latest Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Board of Trustees meeting. Notice how that issue was resolved: It was handled within the board and they dealt with it behind closed doors.

The next article is a news release from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary‘s semi-annual Board of Trustees meeting. They have affirmed the leadership of their president, Dr. Paige Patterson, and have explained the truth behind many of the absurd accusations about financial mismanagement that have been made in the last several months.

It is a great day to be a Southern Baptist. We have a trustee system that works, allowing our entities to pursue their Kingdom ministries while assuring the churches that support them that their work is done with integrity.

Yes, SBC Today Loves Dr. Russell Moore

One cannot get enough of the young Southern Seminary Vice President. There is only one thing better than an audio recording of Dr. Moore, a video of him preaching.

Dr. Moore preached at Southwestern’s chapel last week Thursday, September 13th. Thanks to John B. (in a comment) for alerting SBC Today to this timely message. To watch it, click here.

Dr. Moore reminds us that allegiance to God and His Word is more important than seeking personal vengeance. SBC Today highly recommends the video from one of our Southern Baptist Statesmen.

Wives and the Homemaking Concentration

We are pleased to have published a piece by Terri Stovall, Ph. D., Dean of Women’s Programs at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, regarding their controversial undergraduate homemaking concentration. Click here to read Dr. Stovall’s piece, Teaching What is Good – The Homemaking Concentration at Southwestern.

In the fall of 2003 I received a phone call from a church inquiring about my availability to be their pastor. The conversation was going fine until we got to my wife. As indicated on my resume, she was a school teacher. The gentleman I was talking to said he noticed that my wife worked and wondered if she would continue to do that if the Lord led our family to their church. I said, “Of course. She considers what she does in the school as a ministry to the children she teaches.”

The response I received from the church was that they did not want the wife of the pastor to work outside the home and were willing to pay the pastor enough to make that happen. I told them that I appreciated their willingness to financially support their pastor and his family, but both my wife and I felt she was called to be a Christian witness in our public school system. Needless to say my family did not move there. I am not criticizing that church. I believe in congregational polity. I do not believe any church should dictate to a pastor that his wife should or should not work outside of the home.

The reason I tell this story is that many have mischaracterized the homemaking degree at Southwestern. The mischaracterization has led to images not representative of what Southwestern is trying to accomplish with this program. SBC Today supports this degree program. We feel it is desperately needed in a day when many Christians have taken their focus off the home. Southwestern is not trying to keep women in the kitchen, as some would suggest, but they are trying to provide an option for those who may or may not have been called to stay at home.

We are grateful that Dr. Stovall has given us a concise synopsis of what the degree is about. Below are some facts:

1. The degree is biblically rooted.

2. No woman will be forced to take any of the classes. In fact, women are allowed to enroll or not enroll in any program the seminary offers.

3. Southwestern has not said they are against women working outside of the home. What they are for is a renewed focus on the home that has been taken away by modern feminist philosophy.

4. The program will involve learning Greek or Latin. It is not solely based on how to bake. Women will learn various disciplines that will aid them in following God’s call, wherever that may lead.

I personally would hope that this program becomes the blue print for all of our seminaries. It is needed and it is biblical.