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A Brief Visit with Dr. Paige Patterson

patterson.jpgOne year ago yesterday, we posted an interview with Southwestern Seminary president Dr. Paige Patterson, as Tim Rogers talked with Dr. Patterson in Jacksonville, Florida. Today, we present another.

Dr. Patterson was in Hugo, Oklahoma for the Frisco Baptist Association‘s annual evangelism conference, and I was able to talk to him briefly after the conference had ended. We talked about issues ranging from ecclesiology to ecumenism, the characteristic passion for missions that has always defined Southwestern, to the future legacy of the seminary as envisioned by the school’s eighth president. We even talked a little about some of the silly rumors generated by recent tabloid blogging.

You can listen to the interview right here in the post, or you can pack it onto your iPod for later use. Just click on the iTunes button in the sidebar under “Podcast.”

Stop the What ifs!

We can stop the what ifs as it appears that a decision is coming before long. See Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood for further details.

What would happen if….?

I want you to take a little trip with me into our legal system. As we traverse the terrain let me assure you that I am not a lawyer and am not qualified to give legal opinions. However, neither are most of the people that sit in congress and they are the ones that make the laws. But, be that as it may, according to this recent ruling it appears that neither are the three justices that sit on the California Court of Appeals. But I digress.

I want you to read the argument below and tell me what would happen within the SBC if this argument prevails. The argument is one set forth by Dr. Klouda’s high profile, big money, team of lawyers. In “Klouda’s Brief,” on document page 11, you will find the following argument.

c. Patterson’s Alleged Belief Should Not Be Attributed To Southwestern

From the evidence, it is also questionable whether Defendant Patterson’s alleged “religious” beliefs are held by Defendant Southwestern. Even if Defendant Patterson was genuine in his beliefs, he certainly differed in his interpretation from his predecessor and the Board of Trustees, who, although of the same faith, found Dr. Klouda worthy of election to faculty and a tenure-track position. Dr. Patterson acknowledges that there is a view opposite to his that is held within the Southern Baptist Convention.

I believe that if this lawsuit is settled in favor of Dr. Klouda, then we will have allowed a secular court to effectively turn back the Conservative Resurgence. This argument gives the ability for every pre-Conservative Resurgence professor to sue the SBC because the trustees changed the president and the president did not hold the same interpretation of scripture as the former president. Some may want to argue that the Conservative Resurgence was about changing trustees and Dr. Patterson came into a board of trustees that had already hired Dr. Klouda. There is one problem with that argument: Dr. Patterson claims, and his claim is supported by Dr. Craig Blaising, that a number of trustees approached Dr. Patterson with their concerns. Notice how the above argument effectively separates the president from the entity. When a president is called to an entity that entire board of trustees knows what they are getting and how the president’s views will either align, or not align, with the entity.

Whether or not you believe a woman can teach theology to a man isn’t my concern in this post. My concern is that this one argument, which has nothing to do with gender inequity, has the potential to decimate the SBC. You have my concern. What are yours?

Interview with Dr. Paige Patterson

patterson.jpgWhile most of us are laboring away in colder climes, Tim Rogers is enjoying himself in the Sunshine State. He’s attending the annual Pastor’s Conference at First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, and on Saturday he was able to sit down with Southwestern Seminary president Dr. Paige Patterson.

Dr. Patterson talks about the New Baptist Covenant Celebration, the lawsuit brought against the seminary by former professor Dr. Sherri Klouda, and his vision for the future of Southwestern Seminary.

The interview runs about 20 minutes. You can listen to the interview directly from this page, you can download it by following the instructions below, or you can access it along with all of our other interviews by visiting our “Interviews” resource page. Check back later in the week for more interviews from the conference.

Interview with Dr. Danny Akin, Links to Resources

akin.jpgOne of our aims at SBC Today is to be a resource for pastors, and this post is perhaps one of the best we’ve yet had at accomplishing that goal.

Monday, Wes Kenney and I had the opportunity to sit down with President Danny Akin of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. After the interview, Dr. Akin told us about his website,, which is packed full of free resources, from sermon audio to complete publications. It is an outstanding source for pastors and anyone else interested in studying the Bible with the help of one of the leading theologians of our day.

During the interview, we talked about a variety of topics, from confessions of faith to expository preaching to the emerging church. Recently Dr. Akin led Southeastern in sponsoring a conference that focused on the emerging church. One of the main speakers was Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Dr. Akin had the opportunity to talk about why he helped in sponsoring the conference and he gave some of his thoughts on Mark Driscoll and the ministry Driscoll has in Seattle.

Thanks to Micah Fries (pronounced “freeze”) for his blog that led me to a great site, sponsored by Driscoll’s Mars Hill Church in Seattle, for helping pastors, laypeople, and students with their New Testament Greek. Re: Greek is a site that will be a major help in studying your Greek Bible, especially for all you seminary students who don’t have major bucks to drop on a Greek parsing program. That’s because Re:Greek gives you the parsing. Of course, to keep us out of hot water with our former Greek professors, we add the disclaimer that all New Testament Greek students should strive to memorize and apply all those parsing charts and use programs like this only as a back up. I would like to thank those who put this program together.

The audio from the interview is available below. Enjoy the Greek tool, Dr. Akin’s resources, and the interview.