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A Brief Visit with Dr. Paige Patterson

One year ago yesterday, we posted an interview with Southwestern Seminary president Dr. Paige Patterson, as Tim Rogers talked with Dr. Patterson in Jacksonville, Florida. Today, we present another. Dr. Patterson was in Hugo, Oklahoma for the Frisco Baptist Association‘s annual evangelism conference, and I was able to talk to him briefly after the conference […]

Stop the What ifs!

We can stop the what ifs as it appears that a decision is coming before long. See Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood for further details.

What would happen if….?

I want you to take a little trip with me into our legal system. As we traverse the terrain let me assure you that I am not a lawyer and am not qualified to give legal opinions. However, neither are most of the people that sit in congress and they are the ones that make […]

Interview with Dr. Paige Patterson

While most of us are laboring away in colder climes, Tim Rogers is enjoying himself in the Sunshine State. He’s attending the annual Pastor’s Conference at First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, and on Saturday he was able to sit down with Southwestern Seminary president Dr. Paige Patterson. Dr. Patterson talks about the New Baptist Covenant […]

Interview with Dr. Danny Akin, Links to Resources

One of our aims at SBC Today is to be a resource for pastors, and this post is perhaps one of the best we’ve yet had at accomplishing that goal. Monday, Wes Kenney and I had the opportunity to sit down with President Danny Akin of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. After the interview, Dr. Akin […]