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Vines & Draper Respond to Russell Moore


The negative reactions of some religious leaders have been much too public.

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Of Unity and Foregone Conclusions

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

I am more than willing to grant there was a definite sense of relief when Greear resigned, for the tension of a closely contested election had been resolved, but relief is not the same thing as unity.

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Gospel Power: The Sufficiency Of The Gospel In Enabling The Lost | Part Three


The fact that God chose to reveal Himself more personally to Thomas was purely gracious, not required or necessary for a faith response.

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Pastor Questions Russell Moore at SBC


While I understand that the Constitution of the United States of America defends religious freedom for all, yet more importantly, as a Christian I believe that true “soul freedom” is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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The Southern Baptists: A Historic Convention?


The debate on inerrancy was over “What the Bible Is.” The debate over Calvinism is a debate over “What the Bible Says” — a question of interpretation rather than a debate over basic world view.

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