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Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today and forever.

SBC PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS, 1988 CHARTING OUR COURSE BY THE UNCHANGING CHRIST By THOMAS D. ELLIFF Dr. Tom Elliff was born Feb. 21, 1944, in Paris, Texas, and is a third generation Southern Baptist pastor with both his father and grandfather having served as pastors and associational director of missions. Elliff has a D. Min. from […]

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Now is the day for us to speak the claims of Christ and respond to the needs of a
hungry, lonely, needy, waiting world.

1981 SBC PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS THE WORTH OF THE WORK BAILEY E. SMITH   Bailey Smith was born January 30, 1939, to Frances and Ezell Smith. He grew up in Dallas where his father was a Baptist pastor. Bailey graduated from Ouachita Baptist University and Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. At 34, Bailey Smith […]

All of us should Share the Word,
individually, collectively and cooperatively.

SBC PRESIDENT’S ANNUAL ADDRESS Owen Cooper 1973   OWEN COOPER, who retired May 1 as president of the Mississippi and Coastal Chemical Corp. in Yazoo City, Miss., is the first layman in 13 years to serve as president of the 12-million member Southern Baptist Convention.  He was elected president of the SBC in 1972 in […]

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“Remember son, you can’t make nothing grow!
Only the good Lord can do that!”

SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS, 1971, part I By Carl E. Bates   Carl E. Bates (d.) was born on a farm in Amite County outside of Liberty, Miss. Though raised in a Christian home, Bates was not converted until he was 19. Bates graduated from Mississippi College, and later from Southern Seminary. Bates served […]

Mandate to Minister, Part II

Cont’d from last Sunday   PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, 1967   H. FRANKLIN PASCHALL, was pastor of  First Baptist Church of Nashville, Tenn. A native of Kentucky, Paschall was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Bowling Green, Ky., from 1951-55, before coming to Nashville. Previously he was pastor of the […]

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