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What This Southern Baptist Is For

One thing is for certain, when a person stands up for biblical principles that go against an inclusive approach that seeks to cooperate at the expense of a proper ecclesiology in the church planting enterprise, people will seek to discredit you and misuse your statements. First and foremost let me say that I affirm Dr. […]

A Call To Theological Maturity

The document linked to here is a joint effort by Dr. Malcolm Yarnell and me to help clarify and lead others to a proper understanding of the Lordship of Christ as it pertains to matters which have been discussed via blogs over the last three years.  Below are some excerpts from the paper. I would […]

Abandoning Doctrinal Fidelity for the Lowest Common Denominator

While attending the FBC Jacksonville Pastor’s conference, the events of last week have weighed heavily on my mind. Namely what our site, SBCToday, should be about. The resource managers have primarily taken up the cause of the nearly forgotten doctrines concerning Baptist ecclesiology. Because of this, some have referred to us as “Baptist Identity” (BI), […]

Introduction of Motions (Part 4)

Four motions introduced at the last opportunity: Motion that during all conventions equipment for the hearing-impaired be offered to messengers who need it. Motion that nominees for elected office be presented on stage or pictured on screen during the nomination speech. Motion that the convention consider offering financial help to Watsika (?) Baptist Church. Motion […]

A New President, and No Run-Off

Johnny Hunt has been elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention, receiving a majority of votes on the first ballot and avoiding a run-off in a field of six candidates. Vote totals are as follows: Johnny Hunt: 3,100 votes (52.94%) Frank Cox: 1,286 votes (21.96%) Avery Willis: 962 votes (16.43%) Bill Wagner: 255 votes (4.35%) […]