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Landmarkists? Really?

J. R. Graves, who was such a major  influence for Landmarkism in W. TN and Western Kentucky,  was also a major player in the development of Union University in Jackson, TN.  Dr. James Pendleton was also a major influence for Landmarkism in Southern Baptist life, and he was a former President of Union University. These two men […]

Harmony…Unity…Fellowship in the SBC

A conversation I had the other night, a good and productive conversation, got me to thinking about something.  It got me to thinking about disagreements on doctrines in the Bible.  And, I just wanted to let all of you know that I believe that  it’s okay to disagree on minor issues; on the finer points of […]

Missing in All the Orlando Chatter…

…is any discussion as to those whom we will consider to be the next president of our convention.  While some may consider this a minor point, I do not.  Consider this: two years ago, before there was a well-formed ‘Great Commission Resurgence’ movement, before there was a GCR related Task Force, we had numerous candidates […]

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Baptists? Methodists? Presbyterians? Charismatics?

Something that I’ve been observing for quite some time now, and especially here lately, is that a lot of people, who belong to Baptist Churches, could join a Church of another denomination and couldn’t tell any difference.  I can’t tell you of the people that I have heard say things like…”Well, there’s not that much […]

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Buckets of Hope for Haiti

An effort is underway through our SBC Disaster Relief ministry to facilitate local churches in providing food relief for Haitian families through “Buckets of Hope.”  Below is a video detailing what to include and how to assemble one of these buckets.  Information is also available at the NAMB website: Buckets of Hope. Collection of buckets […]