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A New President, and No Run-Off

Johnny Hunt has been elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention, receiving a majority of votes on the first ballot and avoiding a run-off in a field of six candidates. Vote totals are as follows: Johnny Hunt: 3,100 votes (52.94%) Frank Cox: 1,286 votes (21.96%) Avery Willis: 962 votes (16.43%) Bill Wagner: 255 votes (4.35%) […]

Introduction of Motions (Part 3)

Six motions introduced at the third opportunity: Motion to amend guidelines for all who serve as entity employees and trustees to require good-standing church membership, agreement with the Baptist Faith & Message, abstention from beverage alcohol, and support of the Cooperative Program. Motion to request the Executive Committee to study how Articles 14 & 15 […]

Introduction of Motions (Part 2)

Seven motions presented at the second opportunity: A motion to ask the Executive Committee to design and implement a standardized form of reporting for all six SBC seminaries. A motion to forbid the use of the Holman Christian Standard Bible on the platform of the convention, as it asserts that the Bible contains verses that […]

Introduction of Motions

[UPDATE: The disposition of the motions has been added] Six motions were introduced for consideration in the first session of the SBC annual meeting. The first two were proposed constitutional amendments: An amendment prohibiting entity presidents, including the president of the executive committee, from serving as president of the convention. [Referred to the Executive Committee] […]

Hello from Indy

Just a note to all our readers. All of us from SBC Today have made it to the Convention. I have had a wonderful time seeing everyone and having great fellowship. I have heard some people ask, “When are you guys going to start live blogging?” Well, we probably won’t do a lot of that, […]