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Saying “No Mas” to Additional Calvinist Entity Leaders

January 9, 2017

By Dr. Rick Patrick, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Sylacauga, Alabama

In the eighth round of a famous boxing match in 1980, Sugar Ray Leonard was getting the best of Roberto Duran, when Duran turned away from Leonard, waving in surrender, at which point the referee said, “No mas,” which is Spanish for “No more,” thereby ending the match. Whatever else one might think of Roberto Duran, there is something to be said for possessing the self-awareness to know when one has had enough.

Although Duran’s “No mas” was a sign of surrender, Southern Baptists must learn to say “No mas” as an expression of firm resistance, opposing the election of additional Calvinist leadership over the next several years as we experience vacancies within our eleven entities. Recently, such leaders have typically possessed exceptionally strong theological, philosophical and personal ties to Al Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. A proactive effort by trustees to install Soteriological Traditionalists would serve to counter-balance this disproportionately Calvinistic influence.

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A Letter from Dr. Paige Patterson

November 7, 2016

Last week there was brought to my attention a blog written by an attorney in Louisville, Kentucky, lamenting the fact that several of our leaders have taken a “never Trump” position.  To me, the piece sounded as though the author thought that this was a position more widely held than I believe to be the case within the SBC.  I wrote to let him know that I agreed with his position and so did many others in the SBC.  The letter was not intended for publication but was a private letter.  Attorney Richardson made it public without seeking my permission.  Since my position on this matter is hardly unknown, I would not have objected to that, but the letter was used, in my estimation, to imply that Dr. Al Mohler, because he disagrees with me on this, was somehow culpable before God and the world.  That is the farthest conclusion from my intention. Continue reading

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