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Calvinism, God’s Goodness, and Assurance


I was in danger of finding out that in the end I was not saved, not due to my misunderstanding or misappropriation of the gospel, or even my very own self deception, but rather, it was God who was responsible for the whole thing.

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3. Evaluating SBC Executive Compensation

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

Every other year, Southern Baptists produce a compensation study for the benefit of church personnel committees seeking to pay an equitable wage to their ministers, support staff and custodial workers. However, currently, no such study exists to report the compensation of our Southern Baptist executives. This lack of accountability deserves an immediate remedy.

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Troubling Times at NAMB under Dr. Ezell


Southern Baptists have a strong historic past, but I am troubled about our current levels of effectiveness and the diminishing mission capacities of Southern Baptists going forward.

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Does Regeneration Precede Faith?


Calvinists insist that man is born dead in sin and therefore “corpse-like” in his abilities to respond to God’s life giving truth. Therefore, according to their logic, God must bring the corpse back to life so that he will certainly believe God’s revealed truth.

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Calvinism’s View of the Origin of Sin and God’s Offer of Salvation | Part Three

Ronnie Rogers is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla.

Calvinists are very clear at times that sin entered into the world and that people spend eternity in hell because God made a voluntary decision for them to be there, which means that He could have chosen, if it pleased Him, for it to have been otherwise.

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