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Summary: The New NAMB is NOT Working!

May 18, 2017

By Will McRaney, Founder
The Church Strengthening Network

At the 2016 Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis, Kevin Ezell, the President of the North American Mission Board spoke to SBC Messengers. He asked the question: “Is the New NAMB Working? Dr. Ezell answered the question with anecdotes, stories about good things happening in the lives of individuals and families who were connecting with Christ through the ministries of new churches. His answer to the question he raised was “YES!” Continue reading

The New NAMB: Part 7 Is It Working? Oversight and Accountability

May 9, 2017
Dr. Will McRaney
Founder, The Church
Strengthening Network

No “ifs” “ands” or “buts” about it. Off the record, national leaders verbally acknowledge it—the SBC Trustee system is broken. The Trustee men and women who are serving are not broken and are people of goodwill, but the systems and the climates that surround their work are broken.

In the following article, I will lay out the challenges as I see them, recognizing that I have a limited, but highly personal experience that informs matters related to SBC Trustees. I will open with an example from my situation before moving to affirm the people and vital roles of our SBC Trustees. I will then explore some current challenges that have demanded much from our Trustees of three of our SBC entities. I will sprinkle my experience throughout and then conclude with information on the primary question of the article which relates to the Oversight and Accountability workings of the Trustees under the New NAMB.

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May 3, 2017
Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared at the Georgia Christian Index and is used by permission of the author.
Many people avoid discussions on religion and politics. Not Southern Baptists! Election politics of an America president ranks up there very close to the intensity surrounding the call and election of a senior pastor in a local Southern Baptist church.

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