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Thank God for the CR

One of the reasons that the CR was needed is illustrated by the recent string of articles in the Associated Baptist Press on women pastors.  There are some people in our SBC sphere of existence who wish to rewrite history, and who like to think that the CR was not really needed.  They think that it was all purely political, and it was an evil grab for power and control.  But, the issue was definitely theological.  The leaders of the CR just represented what thousands and thousands of Pastors and people in the pews were wanting to happen; praying for; and longing for someone to lead the charge.  Thank God for Dr. Page Patterson and Paul Pressler and Dr. Adrian Rogers and all the others, who had the guts and the faith to lead out in this incredible endeavor.  God used it and blessed it greatly. 

But, what I really want you to see in this post is some of the reasons that the CR had to be, and where the SBC would be today if it had not happened.  The ABP is a good place to look when trying to see what the SBC would’ve been.  Look at this article:   and this one:      So, clearly going against the teaching of the Bible does not seem to matter  to these people.  They could care less that the Bible clearly teaches that only men should be Pastors/Elders in a church.  This just shows their total disregard for what the Bible teaches.  They’d rather fit in with society.  And, this is where the SBC was going before the CR.

Also, I’ve always thought that winning souls and worshipping Jesus was at the heart of Christian ministry?  I always thought that fulfilling the Great Commission was at the heart of what a Christian should be about?  I’ve always thought that people knowing God and loving Him would answer the problem of man.  Is that not what the Bible teaches?  But, according to the ABP, the heart of Christian ministry should be something else.  Now, please, dont come in here telling me that I dont believe in helping the sick and the poor.  Of course, Christian compassion should lead us to help people in need, and we’re commanded to do that in the Bible.  But, is this the “heart” of Christian ministry?  Is this the core of what we should be about?  Look at this article:    Also, notice that it’s a woman that’s “preaching” it!  lol.  And again, this is where the SBC was going before the CR. 

Also, the ABP has shown how the liberal/moderate crowd of  the former SBC’ers disregard the clear teachings of the Scripture concerning homosexuality.  Look at this:   and this one:  And then, look at this one:  This is where the SBC would be today had not the CR taken place.  This is the way we were going before the CR. 

Folks, we need to thank the Lord that the leaders of the CR had the courage and the faith to lead our SBC back to the Bible.  We need to thank God most of all for doing this great work in the SBC.  God has blessed us in the SBC in great ways.  God is using the SBC in tremendous ways to carry out His work on this Earth.  And, we need to realize that being a people of the BOOK is the reason that God uses us and blesses us so greatly.  The fact that we preach the Gospel and teach His Word is why He continues to choose to bless us and use us.  And, if we ever drift away from a true faith….based on the Bible….then we’ll go the way of the other denominations and churches that left the faith.  You dont have to look far to see how dead and dying these churches and denominations are.

Podcast Episode 29

Les Puryear joins us on the podcast to discuss the SBC Majority Initiative and his recent series of posts on the distinction between Reformed pastors and traditional Southern Baptist pastors who are Calvinists. A storm caused us to lose our connection with Les just as we are beginning to discuss his blog series, so you’ll notice a bit of disconnected dialogue in there, as we edited out the chatter that went on while we were working to get everyone reconnected.

This podcast also marks the beginning of a bit of a hiatus (or should that be “an hiatus”?) for us here at SBC Today. As we explain in the closing moments of the podcast, summer is in full swing, and everyone is busy with VBS, camps, mission trips, and the like, so we’ve decided it would be best to take a break. We plan to be back around the time state conventions begin having their annual meetings in the fall, and we will return with a renewed focus on the issues of ministry, evangelism, and ecclesiology that give us our distinctive identity as Baptists. We look forward to promoting and discussing these issues.

You can listen to the podcast using the player below, or you can subscribe in iTunes by clicking the image in this post or the link in the sidebar. Below are links to some of the items discussed in the podcast:

SBCMI’s online presence:

Les Puryear’s Reformed/Southern Baptist series:

Article about the SBC

Kudos to Hunt and Floyd

I was definitely not for the 3rd component of the Great Commission Report.  In fact, I was going to vote againt the GCR until #3 was tweaked.  I felt that the 3rd component of the GCR would lead us away from the Cooperative Program, to a more societal approach to missions giving in the SBC.  And, frankly, I did not understand the reasoning of including #3 in the GCR, and I really still don’t get why it was so important to have that included.  But anyways, two men, whom I’ve admired thru the years, were on the task force; Johnny Hunt and Ronnie Floyd.  In fact, when certain groups were attacking these men, I stood up for them.  I commented on blogs to defend them.  But, I’ve always not liked the fact that their churches gave such a tiny percent to the CP, and here they were on the Great Commission Task Force encouraging “Great Commission Giving” being reported, which I felt would undermine the CP. So, I admit that I wasn’t real happy about this, which I’m sure caused a lot of you to lose a lot of sleep!  :)

Well, I want to give Johnny Hunt and Ronnie Floyd pats on the back for putting their money where their mouthes are.  Johnny Hunt’s church has raised their CP giving already.  And, according to Bart Barber, over at Praisegodbarebones, Johnny Hunt is tweeting often about the CP.  He’s encouraging Pastors to lead their churches to give more to the CP.  Also, Ronnie Floyd is leading his church to give more to the CP.  Take a look at this report…  

So, I want to symbolically shake Johnny Hunt’s and Ronnie Floyd’s hands, and symbolically pat them on the back, and say, “Way to go! Thank you.”  I really am happy to see these two leaders in the SBC encouraging more Pastors and churches to give more to the CP, and they’re actually doing it at their own churches, as well.  In the words of that famous fella from Mayberry,  “Thank ye, thank ye, thank ye!”  And, may more churches follow their lead.

“To Clear from Accusation or Blame”

The title of this post is the Merriam-Webster definition for the word “exoneration”.  I used “exoneration” in the post announcing the completed investigation of Dr. Ergun Caner.  In this post I would like to explain to our readers the thought process that went into that announcement.

First, I placed the announcement there without any consultation of the other managers here at SBC Today.  That post was my doing and I accept full responsibility.  I know that Brothers Wes, Scott, and David have taken some serious attacks on their characters and for this I am sorry.  It was never my intention to place them in such a position as to have to defend their integrity as others have hammered away.

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Old Preachers Never Die (Update)

That was the title of Dr. Jerry Vines last sermon at FBC Jacksonville.  As he walked out the back door of that grand sanctuary you can still hear him saying, “old preachers never die”. (I must have been dreaming and that is what I get for relying on my memory.  Just received word from both Dr. Vines and his son Jon, “Old Preachers Never Die” was not his last message at FBC Jax.  It was “Glimpses of Glory”.  Sorry for the mix-up and I will be more careful not to rely on my memory.) Dr. Vines has been our retired Southern Baptist Statesman that most seem to treat as an uncle.  Some treat him as a beloved uncle.  They only desire him around when they need to present a loving attitude.  While others treat him as the crazy uncle that was locked away in the attic.  Their attention is directed toward him when his chain rattling upsets the guest. Dr. Vines has worked tirelessly and cooperatively trying to give advice when asked and calling our convention leaders to accountability when they began down a different route.  His style is one of graciousness and integrity.  His heart is for the lost and his desire for Southern Baptist to win them was seen as he was one that placed his ministry on the line to see the convention turned back to an inerrant Scripture that would bring about sound doctrine to our entities.  He has taken the hits and he has endured the unkind words and disrespect.  It was in the 2006 convention that someone yelled something disrespectful of him and it surprised many that witnessed it.  However, to my knowledge, Dr. Vines has never spoken a word about it.

I have been praying for sometime that we would see someone step forward and call the convention back to a balanced approach.  I have a post I wanted to place here today concerning more of my thoughts about the GCRTF.  However, after reading Dr. Vines article I feel our readers would benefit greatly from his thoughts today on balance.  It seems that we have seen the pendulum swing full force from the side of cooperation to the side of independence.  Well, the time has come to call our attention to the swinging of the pendulum.  This call comes from none other than Dr. Jerry Vines as he calls us to balance.  His latest blog article is copied in its entirety below.  You can link to his latest blog Blessed Are the Balanced. I encourage you to go over and speak a word of encouragement to him.  I believe he has stated it well and I pray that others will step forward to speak words of wisdom to our convention.

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