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Interview with Dr. Albert Mohler

Robin Foster and I, along with blogger, pastor, and fellow Okie Scott Gordon, sat down this afternoon with Dr. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Mohler was in Oklahoma for the Pastor’s Conference preceding the 101st Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, and was gracious enough to spend […]

Gratitude for the Trustee System

Recently , we published a post by Tim Rogers titled “The Trustee System – Working as Designed.” Today we have been given evidence of the trustee system working, and working well, at something its designers never anticipated. As you likely know by now, the trustees of the International Mission Board (IMB) voted in closed session […]

Church Discipline: What Sins Should Enact It?

As a group of people from my church are reading through R. Stanton Norman’s book The Baptist Way, we have arrived at the chapter titled “Church Discipline.” Again, I suggest purchasing this book for your library. It is very readable, informative and a steal at the price! In this chapter, Dr. Norman puts forth some […]

How Can We Seek A Regenerate Church Membership?

In Dr. Stanton Norman’s book, The Baptist Way, he makes the claim that Baptist churches must do a better job in having dialogues with those who desire membership. He mentions the dilemma that is faced when someone walks the isle and after a 30-45 second interview they are presented to the church. He reiterates a […]

The Renewal of Baptist Theology

In preparation for an upcoming essay on the background of his Fifth Century Initiative, to be posted here at SBC Today, Dr. Bart Barber, pastor of the First Baptist Church at Farmersville, Texas, and adjunct Professor of Church History at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has submitted the following introductory material to that forthcoming essay: My […]