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Baptists? Methodists? Presbyterians? Charismatics?

Something that I’ve been observing for quite some time now, and especially here lately, is that a lot of people, who belong to Baptist Churches, could join a Church of another denomination and couldn’t tell any difference.  I can’t tell you of the people that I have heard say things like…”Well, there’s not that much […]

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Podcast Episode 21

Timid. Reserved. Reticent. All of these are fine adjectives, and none of them describe our guest on this week’s podcast. Dr. Ergun Caner, president of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, joins us for a conversation that ranges from apologetics to camels to task forces. Also this week, we welcomed our newest team member at SBC Today, […]

Who is More Lost?

After reading Ephesians 2:1 again for the umpteenth thousandth time it was like reading it for the first time.  Ephesians 2:1–“and you he made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins”.  Do you realize that lost means dead?  It means that we were once dead and God, through the atoning blood of Jesus made […]

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Podcast Episode 20

Our discussion in this episode is given entirely to the topic of a potential changing of the name of the Southern Baptist Convention. Peter Lumpkins joins us as our guest to talk about his recent series of posts on the topic. This podcast is especially notable because it’s the quietest Tim has been in the […]

What Am I Doing?

This is the question I asked myself as I penned my last post. Since 2006, when I entered the blogosphere, I have constantly defended entity heads along with the trustees and never once identified them in a post of disagreement. I have been one that entered this debate based on the one premise–the entity heads […]

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