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Thank God for the CR

One of the reasons that the CR was needed is illustrated by the recent string of articles in the Associated Baptist Press on women pastors.  There are some people in our SBC sphere of existence who wish to rewrite history, and who like to think that the CR was not really needed.  They think that […]

Podcast Episode 29

Les Puryear joins us on the podcast to discuss the SBC Majority Initiative and his recent series of posts on the distinction between Reformed pastors and traditional Southern Baptist pastors who are Calvinists. A storm caused us to lose our connection with Les just as we are beginning to discuss his blog series, so you’ll […]

Kudos to Hunt and Floyd

I was definitely not for the 3rd component of the Great Commission Report.  In fact, I was going to vote againt the GCR until #3 was tweaked.  I felt that the 3rd component of the GCR would lead us away from the Cooperative Program, to a more societal approach to missions giving in the SBC.  […]

“To Clear from Accusation or Blame”

The title of this post is the Merriam-Webster definition for the word “exoneration”.  I used “exoneration” in the post announcing the completed investigation of Dr. Ergun Caner.  In this post I would like to explain to our readers the thought process that went into that announcement. First, I placed the announcement there without any consultation […]

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Old Preachers Never Die (Update)

That was the title of Dr. Jerry Vines last sermon at FBC Jacksonville.  As he walked out the back door of that grand sanctuary you can still hear him saying, “old preachers never die”. (I must have been dreaming and that is what I get for relying on my memory.  Just received word from both […]

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