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Reviewing the Gender Debate in the SBC

I believe it was back in 1999 when I was a MDiv student at Southwestern when I read, then President of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, Clyde Glazner state that the 1998 article addition to the Baptist Faith and Message dealing with the family was “Neanderthal.” To this day, I can remember walking to […]

Alcohol: Abstinence = Freedom

Why does it keep coming up from some Young Leaders? It seems that every two to three years we have another Young Leader to proclaim that alcohol in moderation is something that we need to accept. There usually are two arguments for this issue that seems to get the dander up of many. First, the […]

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A Report Worthy of our Attention

My good friend C.B. Scott has been on the opposite side of the fence in various debates. Each time he has truly been one that openly looks at the issues and then makes his assessments based on the facts before him. We may not agree with him on everything that comes to light, but we […]

The Broken Heart of a Baptist

I, Tim Rogers, would like to begin this post by saying that if my words and disagreements with others had anything to do with contributing in the attacks toward Dr. Yarnell, I am sorry. I also would like to acknowledge my sorrow concerning my statements describing Dr. Tom Ascoll as uncooperative. Where I wrote that […]

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A Resolution Worthy of Support

I am certain that others will be issuing various resolutions for the upcoming convention. I certainly will view all and pray about how God would have me support or not support each resolution. Having said that, there is one resolution that has already garnered initial support from a broad array of people in the SBC. […]