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The Broken Heart of a Baptist

I, Tim Rogers, would like to begin this post by saying that if my words and disagreements with others had anything to do with contributing in the attacks toward Dr. Yarnell, I am sorry. I also would like to acknowledge my sorrow concerning my statements describing Dr. Tom Ascoll as uncooperative. Where I wrote that […]

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A Resolution Worthy of Support

I am certain that others will be issuing various resolutions for the upcoming convention. I certainly will view all and pray about how God would have me support or not support each resolution. Having said that, there is one resolution that has already garnered initial support from a broad array of people in the SBC. […]

Declining Membership

LifeWay has released the compiled statistics from the most recent Annual Church Profile, and they show that, for the first time, the Southern Baptist Convention has seen a decline in total membership over the previous year. Some suggest that this decline has the potential to be a good sign, if it could be determined that […]

Getting the Facts Straight: Hershael York

In a post on his blog, Dr. Hershael York, who is a trustee of the International Mission Board, gets the facts straight and corrects some of the misinformation concerning the attrition rate of missionary personnel: Interestingly, the attrition rate has actually declined since the IMB passed the policies on baptism and private prayer language that […]

Tim Guthrie: Moving Forward…Part 4

The Money Trail Anyone who has been around Baptists long enough knows that Baptists get real funny when one discusses money. Let a preacher start off a sermon with money and the pews or chairs start rocking. This is also true when one discusses the Cooperative Program and the giving plan of the SBC. A […]