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Why Do We Need a Great Commission Resurgence (GCR)? Revisited

In 2008, after the convention in Indianapolis, I did a series of posts concerning the new buzz phrase, “Great Commission Resurgence.”  Today it is a house hold term among many Southern Baptists and the GCR Task Force (GCRTF) has held some open meetings so that others could ask questions and possibly provide some answers.  I […]

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Podcast Episode 5

We’re back with episode five of the SBC Today podcast. This time, I’m joined by Robin Foster, Scott Gordon, and Joe Stewart, and with a smaller crew comes a shorter podcast, this time coming in under thirty minutes. We were all over the place in terms of topics in this episode, from the President Obama’s […]

Acts 29 and Southern Baptist Polity

Before the outset of this post let me say that this piece is not meant to criticize Acts 29. They have the right to organize the planting of churches as they feel they are led by the Lord. This post is to show the clear irreconcilable difference in ecclesiology between Acts 29 and the Baptist […]

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Podcast Episode 4

We’re back with another episode of the SBC Today podcast, and this time the gang’s (almost) all here. Only John Mann was unavailable at recording time. It did run a little bit long, but considering the number of preachers involved, it really wasn’t bad at all. We came in under thirty-five minutes. We began with […]

Podcast Episode 2

We’re back again with another of our weekly podcasts. In this episode, we talk about the GCR Task Force, the closing of Sunday schools, de-baptisms, and the chaos at the North American Mission Board. We’re enjoying recording these, and hope that they are enjoyable to listen to, as well. We welcome your suggestions for ways […]