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The Renewal of Baptist Theology

In preparation for an upcoming essay on the background of his Fifth Century Initiative, to be posted here at SBC Today, Dr. Bart Barber, pastor of the First Baptist Church at Farmersville, Texas, and adjunct Professor of Church History at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has submitted the following introductory material to that forthcoming essay: My […]

Drifting Away From Our Mission

I am currently preaching through the book of Genesis. It is probably one of my favorite books of the Bible, because it displays the drama of God’s unending love for his creation in the face of willful disobedience and rebellion. In studying chapter two of Genesis I came across a profound thought from Walter Brueggemann. […]

Yes, SBC Today Loves Dr. Russell Moore

One cannot get enough of the young Southern Seminary Vice President. There is only one thing better than an audio recording of Dr. Moore, a video of him preaching. Dr. Moore preached at Southwestern’s chapel last week Thursday, September 13th. Thanks to John B. (in a comment) for alerting SBC Today to this timely message. […]

Hats Off to Dr. Frank Page and the Great Commission Council

It is encouraging to learn of the overwhelming love and support for Drs. Paige and Dorothy Patterson that was expressed at the Great Commission Council meeting. The GCC members gave this support in view of what some members called an “unprecedented attack.” To see the full story, check out Baptist Press.

Dr. Russell Moore – What Are The Major Issues of Today? (Part 6)

In this sixth and final part of our presentation of Dr. Russell Moore’s lecture to D. Min. Students at Southwestern Seminary, he gives a powerful argument for the importance of biblical community within our churches. He argues that while our churches have, by and large, become the ecclesial equivalent of a “big box” store, they […]