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Are Baptist Distinctives That Important?

One man thinks so. Dr. R. Stanton Norman in his book, The Baptist Way, states this: No Christian denomination therefore embraces consistently all our distinctive traits. Baptist distinctives are still distinctive only of Baptists. In light of this, we should remain loyal to and actively seek to propagate our distinctive theological identity as an expression […]

Interview with Dr. Malcolm Yarnell

After spending some time together with Dr. Malcolm Yarnell I was able to sit down with him and conduct an interview. Something interesting about this interview is that it came at the end of a day where Dr. Yarnell was specifically mentioned by another presenter at the “Building Bridges” conference as being wrong in some […]

Interview with Dr. Danny Akin, Links to Resources

One of our aims at SBC Today is to be a resource for pastors, and this post is perhaps one of the best we’ve yet had at accomplishing that goal. Monday, Wes Kenney and I had the opportunity to sit down with President Danny Akin of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. After the interview, Dr. Akin […]

Interview with Dr. Albert Mohler

Robin Foster and I, along with blogger, pastor, and fellow Okie Scott Gordon, sat down this afternoon with Dr. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Mohler was in Oklahoma for the Pastor’s Conference preceding the 101st Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, and was gracious enough to spend […]

Gratitude for the Trustee System

Recently , we published a post by Tim Rogers titled “The Trustee System – Working as Designed.” Today we have been given evidence of the trustee system working, and working well, at something its designers never anticipated. As you likely know by now, the trustees of the International Mission Board (IMB) voted in closed session […]