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Shooting at Rubber Dummies

I love my iPhone for so many reasons, not the least of which is my ability to subscribe to podcasts and listen to them when I’m in my car. It’s terribly convenient, especially considering that I am too far from civilization to receive any talk-radio signals. Recently I was listening to the podcast of a […]


John Mann, who has contributed to SBC Today before, has offered a new treatise which we are happy to publish. He is pastor at La Junta Baptist church and in 2001 he lead the congregation to disfellow themselves from the Baptist General Convention of Texas and uniquely align themselves with the Southern Baptists of Texas […]

GCR Specifics from Dr. Akin, With More to Come

Dr. Danny Akin has published the first in what will be a series of 15 articles outlining the Great Commission Resurgence (GCR) he envisions for the SBC.  I encourage you to read the article here.  In this article he is on record that this vision must be wed to the Conservative Resurgence (CR).  To take […]

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Great Commission Resurgence – Revisited

It seems that some are trying to paint SBC Today into a corner with accusations that simply are not true.  Of those out there that are trying such, they are resorting to false statements and outlandish claims about the motives of SBC Today (here), while others use a cover-up tactic of writing accolades about someone […]

Everybody Wants to Build a Bridge

Tim Rogers has given us some thoughts on bridge building in the post below.  This seems to be the new buzz word for unity and it is being used by various people.  This post is one he recently had on his site and has now allowed us to publish it here. My late father would […]