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Great Commission Resurgence – Revisited

It seems that some are trying to paint SBC Today into a corner with accusations that simply are not true.  Of those out there that are trying such, they are resorting to false statements and outlandish claims about the motives of SBC Today (here), while others use a cover-up tactic of writing accolades about someone […]

Everybody Wants to Build a Bridge

Tim Rogers has given us some thoughts on bridge building in the post below.  This seems to be the new buzz word for unity and it is being used by various people.  This post is one he recently had on his site and has now allowed us to publish it here. My late father would […]

Defining the Great Commission Resurgence

First, let me say, “What a convention!” Even though Frank Cox did not win the presidential race, I believe that all of us were still pleased that Johnny Hunt did. To me, the watershed moment of the convention was when Dr. Hunt preached at the pastors conference. A bunch of us did get to meet […]

Resolution Unity

This morning on the floor of the convention there was a wonderful theological discussion regarding a key Baptist distinctive, that of regenerate church membership. Tom Ascol, Bart Barber, and Malcolm Yarnell worked together, amending the committee-reported resolution twice to add language relating to baptism, the Lord’s supper, repentance, and encouragement to denominational servants to be […]

Editorial: An Open Letter for A Closed Case

We at SBC Today wish to direct your attention to a wonderful editorial article written for the Florida Baptist Witness by James A. Smith, Sr. His response to the recent stirrings of the IMB-‘Time-to-Change’ group is both insightful and clearly on point as to the problems with the letter and its signatories. Follow this link… […]