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Resolution Unity

This morning on the floor of the convention there was a wonderful theological discussion regarding a key Baptist distinctive, that of regenerate church membership. Tom Ascol, Bart Barber, and Malcolm Yarnell worked together, amending the committee-reported resolution twice to add language relating to baptism, the Lord’s supper, repentance, and encouragement to denominational servants to be […]

Editorial: An Open Letter for A Closed Case

We at SBC Today wish to direct your attention to a wonderful editorial article written for the Florida Baptist Witness by James A. Smith, Sr. His response to the recent stirrings of the IMB-‘Time-to-Change’ group is both insightful and clearly on point as to the problems with the letter and its signatories. Follow this link… […]

Witness to the Truth: Book Review

Tuesday, I received Louis Moore’s book, Witness to the Truth. In reading this book, one thing stood out. You can’t pigeon hole Moore into any camp concerning the SBC controversy. When I hear some people say they are independent thinkers, I normally react with, “Riiiiiight.” But with this book, Moore lives up to the claim […]

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Dr. Frank Cox: An Endorsement

All five of us have prayerfully considered the candidates for election to the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention. We have interviewed each candidate. We have examined their service to the Kingdom, and to Southern Baptist causes. We have weighed carefully their words, both in our interviews and in other venues. And we have concluded […]

Reviewing the Gender Debate in the SBC

I believe it was back in 1999 when I was a MDiv student at Southwestern when I read, then President of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, Clyde Glazner state that the 1998 article addition to the Baptist Faith and Message dealing with the family was “Neanderthal.” To this day, I can remember walking to […]