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Should the IMB & NAMB Merge?


The Lord has entrusted Southern Baptists with incredibly rich resources of people, finances, and opportunities. He will one day hold us accountable for what we did with what He entrusted to us.

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Youth Targeted Calvinism | Part One

Southern Baptist youth groups are filled with young people converting away from the traditional doctrines held by their parents in favor of more Calvinistic views on salvation, church, culture and ministry.

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BINO’s, MINO’s and Moore

The Voluntary Retirement Incentive targeting existing missionaries comes with a certain price tag. We are paying trained missionaries to incentivize their premature return from the field. This does not increase missions, but decreases it.

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They Never Even Voted

While IMB Trustees were informed of the plan, there was no “up or down” vote taken on the matter. At best, the Trustees can be said to have offered their tacit approval through mutual consent.

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TEST the Trustees!

What I heard in Columbus was a lot of positive talk about blowing up funnels and removing caps in order to get more missionaries to the field. It was like a pep rally.

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