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Baptist. Distinctive. Cooperative.

It seems that all too often in the current environment we have in our convention today, no one is allowed to say these three words–Baptist. Distinctive. Cooperative.–without being called a liar or at least being viewed with a high degree of suspicion.  Most certainly is this the case with that group among us known as […]

Poisoning the Fountains of Truth: Part Three

This is part of an article originally published January 1922 in the Southwestern Journal of Theology by Dr. L. R. Scarborough entitled, “Poisoning the Fountains of Truth.” It was republished in the most recent Southwestern Journal of Theology, “Baptists and Unity.” You can find part one here and part two here. May a voice of […]

A Caution and Reminder

A CAUTION AND REMINDER Unless wisdom flees from us, Baptists will ever see to it that churches, churches and the New Testament type of preachers, meritorious preachers, are, in the right sense, the constant center of their concern, the first objects of proper honor and credit for denominational accomplishments and acquirements—not Boards, nor Associations, nor […]

The Podcast Returns

We are either slow learners or gluttons for punishment (or both, as I suppose they’re not mutually exclusive), but we’ve decided to have another go at producing a weekly podcast. We’ve had good intentions in the past, but I think we’ve set too high a bar in terms of content and production quality, with the […]

Logan Resignation Forced

Clark Logan, who until last week served the SBC as Vice President for Business and Finance of the Executive Committee and as Convention Manager, was forced to resign. According to his statement, he was asked last Wednesday, July 1, to “submit [his] resignation before the end of the day.” He did not comment further on […]