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After 5 years, Is There A Great Commission Resurgence? | Part One


after so much effort was expended to convince somewhat skeptical Southern Baptists that these actions were “of vital importance to the future of our denomination” and “key to making immediate progress toward a Great Commission Resurgence,” it is reasonable for Southern Baptists to expect to see some timely positive results.

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Demoralizing Doctrinal Discrimination

Dr. Rick Patrick

I am not being divisive. I am being forgotten, marginalized and alienated. This convention wants my money, or at least the money of my church, but it appears unwilling to give significant “face time” to leaders, authors, speakers and resources that support and strengthen Southern Baptists with convictions like mine.

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Sad Days Among the SBC


For me, these are sad days among Southern Baptists. At a time when we need to expand our ‘cooperative spirit’, it seems the divisive nature of mankind is running rampant among us.

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The Traditional Statement


New Calvinism presents us with a duty and an opportunity to more carefully express what is generally believed by Southern Baptists about salvation. It is no longer helpful to identify ourselves by how many points of convergence we have with Calvinism. While we are not insisting that every Southern Baptist affirm the soteriological statement below in order to have a place in the Southern Baptist family, we are asserting that the vast majority of Southern Baptists are not Calvinists and that they do not want Calvinism to become the standard view in Southern Baptist life. We believe it is time to move beyond Calvinism as a reference point for Baptist soteriology.

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Calvinism’s Inconsistency Revealed


As most theologians regularly acknowledge, the doctrine of the fall of man is quite complicated and mysterious. The root question boils down to this: If mankind was created good and not inclined to evil, then how could he choose to do other than what is good?

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