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Podcast Episode 9

podcast logoEntity head retirements are the main topic of discussion in this week’s podcast. The entire gang got together to discuss the implications of the retirement announcements of Dr. Jerry Rankin of the International Mission Board and Dr. Morris Chapman of the Executive Committee. Robin Foster was headed out of town for a quick vacation, which explains the unusual amount of background noise.

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Here are some links that came up during this week’s conversation:

Dr. Morris Chapman Announces Retirement

Dr. Morris Chapman announced his retirement at the beginning of the Executive Board of Trustees meeting.  He has opened the door for the Executive Committee Board of Trustees to begin their search for his replacement as his retirement will be effective September 30, 2010.  In a prepared statement he recounted the advances the SBC has made while he was Executive Director.  You can read the Baptist Press article here.

Really? Is It That Simple?

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was going through my normal routine of getting the kids and myself ready for the day. Passing by the T.V., I saw a burning building and thought they were showing some old clips from a building that caught on fire in downtown Ft. Worth. I walked the kids to school and when I got in my truck and turned on the radio I was floored at what I heard. A plane was piloted into one of the World Trade towers. Just a few blocks away from Southwestern I heard another plane was piloted into the other tower. At that point I knew the first one was no mistake. When I walked into the World Missions Center one of my coworkers walked up to me in tears and said it was terrible that one of the buildings had come down. “There were real live people in that building!” is what she exclaimed. I gave her a hug and others came around and we discussed what had just happened. Moments flew by and it was already time for Chapel. At Chapel, we all gathered into small prayer groups and I can remember what my prayer was, “God, please don’t let our anger from what has happened turn to hatred. Help us grow closer to You. Let us truly show more of Your love during this time.”

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Why Do We Need a Great Commission Resurgence (GCR)? Revisited

In 2008, after the convention in Indianapolis, I did a series of posts concerning the new buzz phrase, “Great Commission Resurgence.”  Today it is a house hold term among many Southern Baptists and the GCR Task Force (GCRTF) has held some open meetings so that others could ask questions and possibly provide some answers.  I thought that after the last town hall meeting in Arkansas, this post would be a benefit in the discussion Southern Baptists are now having.  Below is a republication of that article with some minor revisions.  I hope to also revisit the subject of ecclesiology in my next article, but until then………

A fact of life that must be affirmed is that because of the depravity of man, the faithfulness of one generation normally diminishes in the subsequent generation. While there are exceptions to this statement, for the most part this has been affirmed by the biblical witness of the Israelites, and in the historical record of the church.

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Podcast Episode 5

podcast logoWe’re back with episode five of the SBC Today podcast. This time, I’m joined by Robin Foster, Scott Gordon, and Joe Stewart, and with a smaller crew comes a shorter podcast, this time coming in under thirty minutes. We were all over the place in terms of topics in this episode, from the President Obama’s health care initiative to Baptists in Romania to tornadoes in Minnesota.

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Below are some links to the items we discussed in this episode. See you next week on the podcast.