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What Am I Doing?

This is the question I asked myself as I penned my last post. Since 2006, when I entered the blogosphere, I have constantly defended entity heads along with the trustees and never once identified them in a post of disagreement. I have been one that entered this debate based on the one premise–the entity heads and trustees were duly elected within the structures of the SBC for those positions– and made certain that I never strayed from supporting the person duly placed in that position. That is, until last week.

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Who is Spreading Myths?

I vowed to myself after my Acts 29 post to keep quiet about the Great Commission Task Force because they have not placed anything out that is concrete.  I asked a question in that post concerning Acts 29 and the response from many completely blew me away.  I wish Acts 29 well in their plants and desire to see the nations reached for the glory of God.

However, just the other day I saw the first post from Dr. Akin trying to do away with the “myths” purportedly being presented by many.  I do not mean this article as a rebuke to Dr. Akin in his assessment but one as to call on him to reconsider some of his statements.  I believe Dr. Akin should dispel any “myths” that may be spoken of by others that have no basis.  Thus I would like to offer an assessment of his “myths” and then present where some may be getting their information.

Myth #1-The goal of [particular members of] the Task Force to get more money to the nations is only a smoke screen to get more money to the seminaries. I personally have not heard anyone say this until I saw Dr. Akin’s post.  I have to admit that I do understand how some could present this as a possibility. 

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Podcast Episode 11

podcast logoThe gang’s all here for episode 11 of the SBC Today podcast. In this episode, we start with no clear direction, and quickly wander off in all directions. Along the way, we discuss mission board vacancies, the GCR task-force, and whatever else comes to our ADD-infested minds. The good news is, this is our shortest podcast so far, coming in just under half an hour.

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Podcast Episode 10: Ed Stetzer Edition

podcast logoWe’re back for another installment of the SBC Today podcast, Ed Stetzer edition. Robin Foster was unexpectedly AWOL for the recording, but the rest of the gang is here, and this week’s podcast is all about Ed Stetzer. Okay, not really, but I have been given to understand that the more times you mention Ed Stetzer in a blog post, the more traffic you can expect (I think I heard that from Ed Stetzer). And Ed Stetzer does figure prominently in this week’s podcast, as it is a point-by-point discussion of Ed Stetzer’s recent post on the Between the Times blog, a post wherein Ed Stetzer shares Ed Stetzer’s suggestions for where we go from here as a convention, and what things Ed Stetzer thinks we need to focus on. We don’t always agree with Ed Stetzer, as you’ll see in the podcast, but Ed Stetzer has his eye on the developing trends in our convention, so it’s certainly worthwhile to take a look at what Ed Stetzer has to say, especially regarding the future of our convention. Ed Stetzer.

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Why Not Join the CBF?

The title of this article is a question that should be asked of all Southern Baptists.  Why did the CBF leave the Southern Baptist fold back in 1992?  We all have been told, and I remember well, many a squabble over the sufficient and inerrant text of the Word of God.  The CBF ended up with no legitimate following in their interpretation that the Bible contained errors and they left the convention to form their own denomination.

This brings me to my question.  If we are not allowed to disagree over various issues in the Southern Baptist Convention then why not just join the CBF? 

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