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Repairing Evangelical Political Theology Getting the State Right

January 23, 2018

By: Alan D. Atchison

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared at Capstone Report and is used by permission.

Dr. Robert Jeffress and conservative evangelical Christians who oppose open immigration are not “utilitarians” who think like abortionists as one SBC blogger wrote. Such a charge is a damnable lie and mischaracterization, but we should expect no less of the followers of Russell Moore and his progressive fellow travelers who have infiltrated the Southern Baptist Convention.

The key charge from SBC Voices is that Dr. Jeffress views immigrants no differently than abortion supporters view infants. “At the core, Jeffress uses the same logic to restrict certain groups of people from entering the country as abortion lobbyists use to restrict babies from entering life outside the womb. On the one hand it is perceived value to the person and on the other hand it is perceived value to the nation.”

This is nonsense. Carrying this logic to its conclusion presents its absurdity. When hiring someone for a job, may I consider their qualifications? Is that using abortion logic if I hire based on talent and skills instead of God’s view of the person? Or, are the situations different? Perhaps, as in hiring, determining immigration policy isn’t a Gospel issue or any type of moral issue, but rather a reasonable wisdom issue where Christians should look to the merits of the policy instead of condemning one another. Continue reading

Uncovering Unconditional Unfairness The Root Injustice of DREAMer Deportation and Reformed Reprobation

January 22, 2018

Dr. Rick Patrick, Pastor
FBC Sylacauga, Alabama
Exec. Director, Connect 316

In the vocabulary of the immigration debate, DREAMers were brought to America by their illegal immigrant parents when they were too young to bear any responsibility for the crime. Their name derives from the DREAM Act first introduced in 2001, which never passed. (Perhaps we should simply speak of the DREAM Bill.) The acronym stands for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors, a group of people generally innocent of any wrongdoing. But what happens when a DREAMer becomes an adult? They are neither citizens nor criminals. Their unique status has resulted in no small amount of controversy regarding what to do with them. In addition to the ethical concerns, political strategists clearly covet these 3.6 million potential voters.

The aim of this essay is not to discuss the ethical or political implications of the debate, but rather, to explore the underlying philosophical and theological arguments concerning injustice that have been presented by those who oppose DREAMer Deportation, on the one hand, and those who oppose Reformed Reprobation, on the other. In listening to the logic of deportation opponents, I have been struck by the similarities and parallels with my own line of reasoning concerning the basic unfairness of the Calvinist doctrine of Reprobation.  Continue reading

Why Must Some View SBC Elections as Wars? How Classifying a Denominational Decision as a Military Operation Only Promotes Disunity

January 10, 2018

Dr. Rick Patrick, Pastor
FBC Sylacauga, Alabama
Exec. Director, Connect 316

A recent article by William Thornton posted at SBC Voices was entitled Another Denominational Election War? While I greatly admire the author’s forthrightness and lucid writing style, I disagree with most of his denominational opinions. In his story, he quoted my recent remarks from the SBC Today comment stream. I was replying to a wonderful 86 year-old Christian gentleman who seemed to feel that our current SBC President was not making the kind of strong appointments that Adrian Rogers made during the Conservative Resurgence. My understanding was that President Steve Gaines was making the very kind of appointments that would move our denomination forward toward a bright and positive future. Continue reading

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