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Troublemakers in the SBC: Do We Want Unity or Division?


The perception is that those who LEAD are going to do so for the sake of unity while those who do not work toward unity are not leaders but in fact troublemakers.

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Colossians Against Calvinism


Colossians is against Universalism. Colossians is against Judaism. Colossians is against Gnostic-like teachings. Colossians is against Calvinism.

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Vines & Draper Respond to Russell Moore


The negative reactions of some religious leaders have been much too public.

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Gospel Power: The Sufficiency Of The Gospel In Enabling The Lost | Part One


…the natural man who deems the things of the Spirit foolish do so by their own free moral choice, not by compatibilistic compulsion imposed by Calvinistic philosophy

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Does God Have Two Wills? | Part Two

Ronnie Rogers is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla.

One simply cannot conveniently deemphasize or elide the micro-deterministic nature of Calvinism

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