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Transformational Preaching

November 18, 2016

         doug-muntonBy Dr. Doug Munton
         O’Fallon, Illinois
         First Vice President, Southern Baptist Convention

This article first appeared in the Illinois Baptist Resource magazine and is used by permission of the author.

Preaching is, for me, like swimming in the ocean. It is an awesome experience, if you don’t die!

Nothing is more exciting and nothing is more intimidating. Preaching both charges me up and wears me down. It invigorates and it frustrates. It brings me the agony of labor and the joy of birth. It keeps me up at night and gets me up in the morning. Preaching is big and I know it. Continue reading

The Power of Evangelistic Questioning- George Whitefield

September 26, 2016

Robert Caldwell
Associate Professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

This article originally appeared in Theological Matters and is used by permission.

George Whitefield (1714-1770) was arguably the greatest preacher of the 18th century. Converted as a university student at Oxford, the young convert devoted himself to knowing God by committing himself to intense spiritual discipline and Christian service within John Wesley’s Methodist movement. In time, Whitefield was ordained and soon began preaching, and it became apparent that he possessed a rare gift for preaching powerful evangelistic sermons. Within several years, Whitefield was an international celebrity as he preached justification by faith and the new birth throughout England and North America. Continue reading

An Effective Ministry of Preaching

September 21, 2016

By Dr. Mark LaRue
President of E3 Global
Fellow of the Stepehn Olford Center for Biblical Preaching

Today’s church is in dire need! She needs some men who are called of God to preach the Bible with passion, power, and purpose. Passion for the person of Jesus Christ; power that comes from the Holy Spirit; and [for] the purpose of growing people into a more mature image of the Savior. The need is great. The time is urgent. Satan has launched an all-out attack on the Bride of Christ, but  the preaching of the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God can turn the tide! Continue reading

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