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A True Pattern of Prayer

Video Perspective by Bart Barber

Calling for your Prayers

I encourage you to read the post at this link. Once you read that I encourage you to stop and pray for two families. First, pray for the Scroggs family. They are going through a rough time, especially at this time of the year. Second, pray for the Barber family. Pray that Jim, Bart’s son, […]

Pray for Dr. Vines!!

Just received word this morning that Dr. Vines is preparing for a funeral.  Why am I asking our readers to pray for him as he prepares a funeral?  This funeral is being prepared for Dr. Vines’ 94 year old mother who went home to be with the Lord Sunday AM. I have never had to […]

Pray for Knoxville

As many of you probably already know, another incident of a school shooting happened in Knoxville. Our friend, Tim Guthrie, pastors in Knoxville and actually had two of his sons in school when this occurred. We are reprinting his viewpoint below of the events that occurred and we are asking that you pray for God […]

Prayers for the Kaufman Family

We, at SBC Today, have learned about the recent loss of Debbie Kaufman’s son-in-law. We call upon all to pray for the Kaufman family and their daughter during this time of heartache. Debbie, all of us at SBC Today wish to express our love to you and pray for the Grace of God to shower […]