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Podcast Episode 10: Ed Stetzer Edition

We’re back for another installment of the SBC Today podcast, Ed Stetzer edition. Robin Foster was unexpectedly AWOL for the recording, but the rest of the gang is here, and this week’s podcast is all about Ed Stetzer. Okay, not really, but I have been given to understand that the more times you mention Ed […]

Podcast Episode 9

Entity head retirements are the main topic of discussion in this week’s podcast. The entire gang got together to discuss the implications of the retirement announcements of Dr. Jerry Rankin of the International Mission Board and Dr. Morris Chapman of the Executive Committee. Robin Foster was headed out of town for a quick vacation, which […]

Podcast Episode 8

This week’s podcast held such great promise, as Tim Rogers had undergone a minor medical procedure requiring sedation earlier in the day. He got a good report from the test, and despite being advised by his physician that he should wait at least twelve hours before saying anything for which he could be held responsible, […]

Podcast Episode 7

This week’s podcast begins where last week’s left off, except that we managed to keep Tim calm enough that he didn’t lose his connection. We start out talking about the Cooperative Program, before moving on to disaster relief and Bible translation. A quick mention is made at the end about a chapel message preached this […]

Podcast Episode 6

This week’s podcast is entirely given to discussion about the meeting last week of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force, and about the public forum held before the meeting took place. Scott Gordon and I traveled to Rogers, Arkansas, and were present at the forum, and the rest of the podcast gang had the opportunity […]