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Podcast Episode 15

This episode of the podcast features Greg Hall. Greg is the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Cleveland, Oklahoma, and the founder of CREEK Ministry in the Warm Heart of Africa. The name CREEK is an acronym for: Caring for the people Reaching the population Equipping pastors Encouraging participation Kneeling in prayer This ministry […]

Podcast Episode 14

We’re back for another episode, and everybody but Joe made it for this episode. We chatted about state convention meetings and not a whole lot else, but it was an entertaining chat nonetheless. We hope you enjoy it. You can listen using the embedded player below, or you can subscribe in iTunes by clicking the […]

Podcast Episode 13

Between state convention meetings and associational meetings, podcasting last week proved to be impossible. It wasn’t much better this week, as we were down two, but Tim Guthrie agreed to make a guest appearance at the last minute, and we appreciate him joining us to liven things up a bit. Our discussion focused on several […]

Podcast Episode 12

Scheduling conflicts prevented us from recording a podcast last week, but we’re back this week with episode 12. Joe Stewart couldn’t make it, but the rest of the gang is here, along with a special guest. Bill Tomlinson, who retired to his native Virginia earlier this year after fifty years serving as pastor to churches […]

Podcast Episode 11

The gang’s all here for episode 11 of the SBC Today podcast. In this episode, we start with no clear direction, and quickly wander off in all directions. Along the way, we discuss mission board vacancies, the GCR task-force, and whatever else comes to our ADD-infested minds. The good news is, this is our shortest […]