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Finding Out What I Didn’t Learn

August 7, 2017

By William F. Harrell

Editor’s Note: These points are from an address delivered to the student body of Southeastern Seminary.   

The seminary experience is a good one for a person who has been called by God into the ministry.  But, the seminary does not teach a person how to be the Pastor of a church.  It helps you with language, theological positions, history, and various other things applicable to the ministry but it does not show a person much about how to pastor a church and function properly. Continue reading


August 2, 2017

By Ronnie Floyd, Pastor
Cross Church Northwest Arkansas

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared at Dr. Floyd’s blog and is used by permission.

As football teams begin their final preparations for the season, optimism abounds. Whether these teams compete at the high school, college, or professional level, they are working toward a great and winning season.

Any experienced coach realizes that he must celebrate good seasons, wins, and championships with his team. Not only must he celebrate, he must celebrate big. Winning is hard, and each win is much harder than many realize. Continue reading

R.G. LEE – A Peerless Pulpiteer

July 31, 2017

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared at the Christian Index and is used by permission.

By Gerald Harris, editor
Georgia Christian Index

This is the second article in the series on great preachers of the past. In this installment we will take a brief look into the life of Dr. Robert Greene Lee (1886 – 1978), premier preacher and pastor of the 20th century. This series is provided so young pastors and laypersons can learn about our heritage and so that no one dare forget the great heralds of the truth upon whose shoulders we stand. The previous installment covered the ministry of W.A. Criswell.

The first time I heard Robert Greene Lee, the great pulpit orator, preach the Gospel I was a teenager visiting Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis with my family. I was 15 years old at the time and I can remember it as though it were yesterday. Continue reading

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