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5 Questions Pulpit Committees Must Ask Prospective Pastors | Part One

January 27, 2015

Dr. Jay Sulfridge |  Academic Dean
Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, Pineville, KY

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It could be easily assumed that in the process of searching for and calling a pastor, both the church and the prospective pastor desire a good match in matters of doctrine. This assumption has caused many regrettable mismatches and more than a few church splits. Many ministers do not offer information about personal doctrinal stances that may not be shared by the congregation considering them for the pastorate. One area in which a potential pastor may be less than forthcoming lies in the issue of Calvinism. At LifeWay’s conference on the issue of Calvinism, one question that was discussed was whether or not Calvinistic ministers under consideration for the pastorate should reveal their convictions concerning that doctrine. Dr. Danny Akin advised:

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Why Discernment Has Disappeared

January 23, 2015

Dr. Randy White | Pastor
First Baptist Church, Katy, TX

**This article was previously posted by Dr. Randy White on his website and is used by permission.


“You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.” (Matthew 16:3, NKJV)

I am continually frustrated that Christians, even pastors and theologians, seem to have an overwhelming inability to discern the times. The Christian world is continually making false assumptions about reality, then making decisions based upon those assumptions. A continued downward spiral is the only result.

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Three Principles for Becoming a More Productive Ministry Leader

January 21, 2015

Dr. Braxton Hunter | Professor of Apologetics
Trinity Seminary

**This article was previously posted by Dr. Braxton Hunter on his website and is used by permission.

Dr. Hunter is: former president of the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists (COSBE), professor of apologetics at Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana

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Utter apathy! That was my feeling as I sat there running my index finger around the circumference of my plastic water bottle. To my right was Roy Fish, Professor of Evangelism at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. To my left was a seasoned veteran of evangelism. Both of these well-dressed men seemed enthusiastic about the event. Both of them had previously been asked to serve in this same capacity many times. I had not. Why was I so disinterested? After all, this would be good for my career. It would look good on a resume. My own organization would get better exposure. Yet, in the midst of all of the fanfare, I was painfully bored. It was 2010 and the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists (COSBE) was on the verge of electing a new president. At twenty-nine I was the second youngest member of the Southern Baptist Convention’s outreach arm of itinerant speakers. I should have been thrilled to be asked to speak. I wasn’t. Then it happened.

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