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At the Apex

October 11, 2017

By: Dr. Bill Harrell

From their earliest years, just about every person in America is taught that they can achieve whatever they desire to achieve if they apply themselves.  No two people have the same opportunities and abilities but we are ingrained with the thought that a person should always be dedicated to striving to reach the top in whatever endeavors of life present themselves to their unique life.  Young people are told that dedication and application are expected in our society and when one fully applies themselves, they will have the opportunity to arrive at the apex of their chosen life work and that when they get there, life will be complete and all will be well.  Not necessarily so. Continue reading

How To Pray For Your Pastor

October 10, 2017

By: Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Pastor
Cross Church, Northwest Arkansas
President, National Day of Prayer

Every Christ-follower engaged in a local church has a pastor. These followers of Christ should pray for their pastor.

Pastors may appear as though they are so strong they do not need prayer. But I can assure you, any pastor genuinely called to the ministry knows he needs prayer; earnest, passionate, and effective prayer. “Pray for me” should be the number one personal request from a pastor of the church he serves. Continue reading

Cross Pollinated With the World

September 19, 2017

By Dr. William F. Harrell
William F. Harrell Ministries

The Church has made a critical error it that it has gleefully chosen to cross pollinate itself with the world.  And, in doing so it has not passed along its best traits to the world but it has been tainted by the traits of the world.  As a result, the Church no longer stands pure but displays characteristics and attitudes that are not natural to it.  At the same time this cross pollinated Church isn’t aware of the effects of its cross pollinated condition.  What it considers normal and natural is strange and destructive to those who experienced and remember a more pure Church before the cross pollination.  The “flower doesn’t look like it did before.  It responds to a new kind of environment.  Its beauty has been altered.  Continue reading