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Adjusting Your Leadership Style to Your Ministry Situation

Steve Lemke, Provost, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary The most insightful article I have ever read on pastoral leadership was written years ago by Calvin Miller in Leadership Journal.  Entitled “Growing Pains,” it is crucial reading for every pastor.  In it, my old racquetball partner Calvin Miller (he might look nice, but he’s mean on a […]

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Dealing with Rejection in Ministry

Steve Lemke, Provost, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary I would like to tell a couple of stories that I hope might be an encouragement to young ministers seeking their first church, or to ministers who (for whatever reason) are seeking another church after they find themselves out of a church position. . . . While we […]

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Integrity in Preaching

Dr. Thomas Douglas, Pastor, Parkway Baptist Church, Kansas City, KS His watch read 12:05 a.m. as Brother Bob pulled into his driveway.  Having just gotten home from the regional hospital where Miss B. was admitted for chest pains, he knows 5 a.m. comes early in the morning when he will get out of bed and head […]

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A Holy Voice

John Mann, Pastor, La Junta Baptist Church, Springtown, TX. For close to two years the Lord has been dealing in my heart about a return to the pursuit of holiness and the lack thereof in the life of Christians on the grand scale. Infighting, divisions, gossiping, slander, and power struggles are all fruits that reveal a root […]

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The Bible and Big Crowds

I heard a Pastor say that we should not teach and preach the Bible verse by verse, because the people will just not get it. That expository preaching is just for preachers; that only preachers would understand it. Thus, we should not preach and teach the Bible. But, instead, we should preach what we think  […]