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IMB Exodus: 1,132 Missionaries & Staff Take ‘Voluntary’ Pink Slips


Southern Baptists’ overseas mission forces will be reduced to levels not seen since 1993 with the departure of about 22 percent of its personnel, including 983 missionaries leaving the field and 149 severing ties from various stateside assignments.

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Holding Lottie’s Rope Network: Save A Southern Baptist Missionary


Experienced Southern Baptist missionaries are in the midst of a soul-searching period of transition as they prayerfully consider the options presented to them in the Voluntary Retirement Incentive plan. Three options are worth consideration. Two are immediately obvious, while the third is the primary subject of this post.

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Should the IMB & NAMB Merge?


The Lord has entrusted Southern Baptists with incredibly rich resources of people, finances, and opportunities. He will one day hold us accountable for what we did with what He entrusted to us.

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They Never Even Voted

Dr. Rick Patrick

While IMB Trustees were informed of the plan, there was no “up or down” vote taken on the matter. At best, the Trustees can be said to have offered their tacit approval through mutual consent.

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Are You Kelvin Cochran?


If you haven’t heard his name, Kelvin Cochran represents an important struggle in America. The new American “thought police” are seeking to enforce a new definition of tolerance as America seeks to find a balance between the emerging secular prophets of political correctness and the traditional religious beliefs that have shaped American families from the days of Plymouth Rock to the vast fly-over areas of the American heartland in 2015.

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