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No one called anyone a traitor

by Norm Miller NOTE: Comments to this post are now closed. Reacting to a comment I made on the blog,, the general editor of the Gospel Project Sunday school curriculum, Dr. Ed Stetzer, posted on April 10 the following on a blog funded by the Cooperative Program (which is supported by all Southern Baptists) […]

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The Gospel Project:
Not for Calvary Baptist Church

Ralph Green is pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Bel Air, Md. His personal blog post below has been edited, with Pastor Green’s permission, for brevity and clarity. Pastor Green may check in on this post occasionally, but he will not be available for continual interchange with commenters due to his pastoral duties.   When […]

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Maryland pastor returns The Gospel Project curriculum to LifeWay because of Calvinistic overtones.

Coming tomorrow: “The more we read and studied the curriculum, the more convinced we have become that this curriculum is not suitable for use here at Calvary. I am greatly disappointed because there is nothing wrong with healthy dialogue and wrestling with theological issues. But when a curriculum is designed to teach only one side […]

Things That Bear Watching

Bill Harrell has served as Pastor of Abilene Baptist Church in Martinez, Georgia, for over 30 years. He also is active in the Augusta Baptist Association, Georgia Baptist Convention, and SBC, including having serving as the Vice-President of the Georgia Baptist Convention and as Chairman of the SBC Executive Committee. In the short span of […]

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Long Term Perspective

Here is an article I have worked on for our Church newsletter. I realize I have been away for awhile, but other obligations have kept me from producing anything for SBCToday. Until I am able to return with more frequency, I thought I would share my latest newsletter to Immanuel. It expounds on the article […]