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An Interview with Brad Whitt

Dr. Brad Whitt is Pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina. He has served as President of the South Carolina Convention Pastor’s Conference, and authored “Young, Southern Baptist, and . . . Irrelevant?” SBC Today: Who are your three or four greatest “heroes in ministry”? Brad Whitt: There are many men who’ve been […]

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Podcast Episode 27

Today we have the privilege of presenting an interview with Dr. Jimmy Jackson, pastor of Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama.  He is also the current president of the Alabama Baptist State Convention.  Baptist Press has reported that he will be one of the four men who will be nominated for President of the Southern […]

Interview with Pastor Wiley Drake

Pastor Wiley Drake is one of the six announced candidates who will be nominated for the office of President of the Southern Baptist Convention when we meet this summer in Indianapolis. Bro. Drake has previously served our convention as Second Vice-President. Baptist Press notes that he currently serves as the pastor of First Southern Baptist […]

Interview with Pastor Les Puryear

Today we present an interview with Les Puryear, pastor of Lewisville Baptist Church in Lewisville, North Carolina. Les is one of six men who will be nominated to succeed Dr. Frank Page as president of the Southern Baptist Convention at the annual meeting next month in Indianapolis. The other candidates are (in alphabetical order): Frank […]

Interview with Dr. Avery Willis

On Friday, May 16, 2008, Scott Gordon was able to spend some time talking with Dr. Avery T. Willis, who will be one of at least five men nominated for president of the Southern Baptist Convention when we meet in Indianapolis next month. Dr. Willis’s personal website can be found here, and a website dedicated […]