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Category: Humor

A Child’s View of the Marriage Vows

Holy Humor by Dr. Bob Rogers   Eight-year-old Tad (not his real name) watched with wide-eyed amazement as his parents renewed their marriage vows. Tad’s mom and dad were not alone. I had been preaching a series of sermons on marriage, so I concluded the last sermon on commitment to a lifelong covenant by inviting […]

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Top Ten Signs You’re in a Bad Church

Holy Humor by Dr. Bob Rogers   Unfortunately, some people have had a bad experience in church. Perhaps your experience was like these. I don’t remember where I got the list, but here it is: “The Top Ten Signs You’re in a Bad Church.”

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Valentine’s Day in the Preacher’s House

Holy Humor by Dr. Bob Rogers   I always thought that I was romantic. But having two attractive young daughters has taught me that I have a lot to learn about romance. (Sorry, guys, they’re both married.) According to my daughters, there are three different levels in a boy-girl relationship: 

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Surprises in seminary point to our purpose

Holy Humor by Dr. Bob Rogers When I went to seminary to train to be a pastor, I was met with several surprises. I think I expected all of the students to look like monks or something. Instead, I saw students who were tall and skinny, and some who were short and fat. I saw […]

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How not to pray at football games

Copyright 2012 by Bob Rogers Dr. Bob Rogers is pastor of First Baptist Church, Rincon, Ga. He earned a B.A. from Mississippi College, and an M.Div. and Th.D. from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.   When I went to high school, two things were always done before a football game: prayer and the National Anthem. Even […]

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