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Face Down

by Brian Robertson

In 1857, an event took place that changed the spiritual direction of America. Similar to present-day happenings, the financial state of America was in turmoil. In August, the Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Company failed. This reverberated throughout the U.S. and especially Wall Street as 55 banks held interests in the company. Furthermore, a tanker reportedly sank at sea with 2 million in gold. On October 14, Wall Street crashed. If ever America needed God in her history, now seemed the time. The Old Dutch Reformed Church on the corner of Fulton and William Street in New York City was a dying church in a changing area. To combat their decline, the church called Jeremiah Lanphier as a missionary to the ever-changing metropolitan area of New York. Lanphier prayed about the situation, and God led him to hold a noon-day prayer meeting. For his part, Lanphier distributed pieces of paper all over New York (and especially Wall Street) simply asking the question, “How often shall I pray?” His intent was to give businessmen the opportunity to pray during their lunch time.

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The Exchange

Walker-Moore-100By Walker Moore


Not long ago, at a flea market in Piedras Negras, Mexico, I spoke with the saddest man I’ve ever met.

For 27 years, he had served as a pastor–not just a pastor, but one of the most prominent pastors in his city. He had given his life to teaching, preaching the gospel and planting churches. He was well-known throughout his city as a spiritual leader.

At that point, he had a terrible experience. His wife left him for another man. He had given his life to the things of God, so why would the Lord allow such a terrible thing to happen? The pastor turned the blame inward and upward, rejecting God and everything he held dear. He turned to alcohol and lost it all: his ministry, his family and in other words, his life.

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Giglio, God, Gays, and Veritaphobia


by Ron Hale

He has served as Pastor, Church Planter, Strategist (NAMB), Director of Missions, and Associate Executive Director of Evangelism and Church Planting for a State Convention, and now in the 4th quarter of ministry as Minister of Missions.

Pastor Louie Giglio has been pressured off the stage of President Obama’s second inauguration – Why?

Twenty years ago, I attended a two day meeting at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs.  A deacon in my church had just started working for Dr. Dobson and H.B. London, Jr., so he was instrumental in getting me invited. I felt very inconsequential sitting in a room with leaders of the largest churches and ministries in America.

For two days, leaders from business and ministry shared their findings concerning the strategy of the radical homosexual agenda in America. They shared how the arenas of education, media, business, and government would be invaded with an activist agenda.  They predicted how a convergence of progressive groups would seek to socially segregate and isolate those holding to a Biblical worldview.

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Practical Applications of Romans 9

johnathan_pritchettBy Johnathan Pritchett

Romans 9 is hardly preached in SBC churches, even in Reformed SBC churches. The problem is that most pastors simply don’t know what to do with it other than explain it in light of current debates between Calvinists and non-Calvinists, Traditionalists, and Arminians. Every so often, a Southern Baptist exposition of the chapter will turn up on the internet somewhere, regardless of the theological perspective, but one will always find it taught regarding what it does or doesn’t say in contrast to some opposing view of what a theological opponent insists it says, or doesn’t say, whatever the case may be.

Yawn…On that note, in the interest of making a personal disclaimer, there are two things I am convinced of regarding this passage. The first is that the mainstream Calvinist interpretations are unconvincing in my opinion. The second is that any non-Calvinist interpretation, many of which I will admit I find more convincing than Calvinist alternatives, does not negate Calvinism. The entire exegetical case made by non-Calvinists regarding this chapter is even accepted by some Calvinists, but the point is made that exegeting this passage as election to service, pertaining to corporate or national interests, etc. does not in and of itself overturn Calvinist theology. I agree with this point as well. Contrary to popular opinion on all sides regarding any text, no school of thought, or system of theology, hangs or falls with one passage of Scripture.

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by Brian Robertson, Ph.D.
Pastor,  First Baptist Church Kenton, Tenn.

I attended a Southern Baptist church nine months before I was born. I come from, if you will, a “minister’s family,” as my father is retired from a Southern Baptist entity; my grandfather was a Minister of Education; and my uncle has been an IMB missionary more than 35 years. Both my parents were not only “saved,” but they have lived their lives as true, yet, imperfect, examples of born-again believers.

Through experiences in life, I have had the privilege to observe several thousand churches, listen to numerous pastors, worship in practically every style available, dialog with brothers and sisters in Christ, and read countless books on the church. As a pastor, I have served four churches, three of which were seminary pastorates, and have a Master’s, and Ph.D. from a Southern Baptist seminary in evangelism.

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