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Dear Titus

April 13, 2013

By Walker Moore

Dear Titus:

I want to apologize for calling you a gummy bear. When I first saw the sonogram, I didn’t know what else to call you. All I could see was a tiny, black-and- white, blurry figure all crunched up. I had to squint my eyes and rotate the picture to make out your head and something that looked like a leg.

I was so excited that we were going to have a gummy bear. Today, I was even more excited when I found out I’m going to have a grandson. I know we have a few more months until August when we get to meet face to face, but I couldn’t wait to write you. Continue reading

A Change of Heart

March 16, 2013

By Walker Moore

Walker Moore founded AweStar Ministries, a missions organization that has put thousands of teens on fields ‘white unto harvest’ around the world.

I hate change. I am not talking about changes, but change: nickels, dimes, pennies and the like.

At the grocery store, I’m the king of speed. But I always seem to get behind the queen of change. When the cashier tells a woman like this a total, say $10.71, she tries to see how much change she can get rid of. While the entire line waits patiently, she pulls out her change purse and begins the process of counting coins. Her goal in life must be to get rid of as much change as possible at one stop.

Some of you may think I’m kidding. I’m not. This dear woman will count out all her pennies to see if she has 71 cents. Of course to me, change is time, so in the time it takes her to count out her pennies, I read the entire issue of Reader’s Digest and part of the National Enquirer. This is the magazine with the tagline “Enquiring Minds Want to Know.” What enquiring minds really want to know is how to count change faster. Continue reading

Be Holy

March 11, 2013

By Franklin L. Kirksey
2 Corinthians 6:11-7:1


Be holy is the title assigned in the Believer’s Study Bible to our text found in 2 Corinthians 6:11-7:1.    

Duncan Campbell [1898-1972] said, “A baptism of holiness, a demonstration of godly living is the crying need of our day…  Revival is always marked by an overwhelming sense of Christ’s presence in the church… a heightened awareness of holiness with confession, repentance, and restitution.”[1]

Dr. W. Graham Scroggie (1877-1958) explains, “We must distinguish between cleansing and holiness.  You cannot be holy with being cleansed, but you can be cleansed without being holy.  The Book of Leviticus is divided into two parts: the first part is about cleansing and the second part is about holiness.  Cleansing is by an act: holiness never is.  There can be no holiness until there is cleansing.  Cleansing is never progressive: holiness always is, and they are intimately related.”[2] Continue reading

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