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An Ironic TULIP and Similarities of Baptist Confession

chris-johnson.jpgWe are pleased to welcome as a guest writer at SBC Today one of our more frequent commenters, Chris Johnson. Chris is currently the Pastor of Grace Church at Hermitage which is located eleven miles east of downtown Nashville. He is a full-time employee of Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s largest dialysis provider, with headquarters in Bad Homburg Germany. Chris is the Manager of Information Systems specializing in Network Architecture and Engineering for over 2200 clinics serving 175,000 patients.

Irony belongs to history as one notable contemporary leader steering theology through the lens of Calvin pens a comment toward another prominent leader seen leveraging theology through the lens of yet another historic teacher named Arminius.

“More than any other individual, Paige Patterson was the man who put all at risk for the sake of what he so profoundly believed. Confronted by a looming denominational disaster, and aware of what this would mean to the cause of the Gospel, Paige Patterson threw himself into the controversy, defined the issues, mobilized an army, educated a denomination, and paved the way for a new generation to continue the work he so boldly began.”

- Albert Mohler


The question is still brewing today: Can both lenses, that of Calvin and Arminius, rest in the same set of spectacles, sit comfortably in place before the eyes of a Baptist? The answer to that question, without a nanosecond of hesitation, is emphatically Yes! And the spectacles should be worn with thankfulness and caution.

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