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The Call of Baptist Identity (Part 2)

Ecumenicals and the Narrowing of Parameters I am not a blue blood in the SBC. I was raised in the Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ [Christian Church]. As a child I was immersed in order to receive salvation. A series of events led me to visit a local Baptist church, which I […]

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The Call of Baptist Identity (Part 1)

This post begins a series of three posts by guest contributor John Mann. John has been the pastor of LaJunta Baptist Church in Springtown, Texas since November 2000. He is currently completing his MDiv with a concentration in Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been active in the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, […]

The Broken Heart of a Baptist

I, Tim Rogers, would like to begin this post by saying that if my words and disagreements with others had anything to do with contributing in the attacks toward Dr. Yarnell, I am sorry. I also would like to acknowledge my sorrow concerning my statements describing Dr. Tom Ascoll as uncooperative. Where I wrote that […]

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Evangelism Debate and Emergent Realities

Today we have the privilege of sharing with you an essay written by Shannon Johnson concerning the differing views of evangelism between classical theology and the emergent conversation. She is a student at the University of Tennessee and daughter of Chris Johnson – Chris is pastor of Grace Church at Hermitage and has been a […]

Tim Guthrie: Moving Forward…Part 4b

The Money Facts …and so we continue. When one deals with the structure of the flow of money one cannot get away from the two hot topics that we mentioned in the previous section. What percentage should a church give to the CP? and What percentage should the state conventions keep? A church is referred […]

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