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Restricted Communion and the Opponents of Landmarkism

The following post was written for SBC Today by Ben Stratton. Ben has pastored Southern Baptist churches in Kentucky since 1998, and currently serves as pastor of the Farmington Baptist Church in Farmington, Kentucky. He is a graduate of Mid-Continent Baptist Bible College, and is working toward a Master’s Degree at Murray State University. He […]

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The Perilous Union of Politics and the Church

We are privileged to share with you today a post by guest author, Dr. Kelly Randolph.  Dr. Randolph is the pastor of Country Acres Baptist Church in Wichita, Kansas, where he has served since 1994. He is a native of Norman, Oklahoma. Dr. Randolph is a graduate of The Criswell College (B.A.), Southwestern Baptist Theological […]

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A Resolution on Doctrine

The series of three posts on Baptists distinctives that John Mann contributed were the product of research he did in the preparation of a resolution on doctrine, which he has submitted to the Resolutions Committee for their consideration in Indianapolis. Here is the text of his resolution: WHEREAS the Great Commission instructs Christians to make […]

The Goals of the Baptist Identity Movement (Part 3)

This is the third and final installment in a series of posts by guest author Rev. John Mann. These essays are the result of research he has done in the preparation of a resolution he has submitted to the SBC Resolutions Committee for their consideration in Indianapolis. We will publish that resolution here next week. […]

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The Call of Baptist Identity (Part 2)

Ecumenicals and the Narrowing of Parameters I am not a blue blood in the SBC. I was raised in the Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ [Christian Church]. As a child I was immersed in order to receive salvation. A series of events led me to visit a local Baptist church, which I […]

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