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Child Evangelism and Calvinism


When evangelizing Jews, atheists, Jehovah’s Witnesses or any other type of person, there are a lot of resources to guide me. But I haven’t found any help on how to witness to a confused child—young or adult—of a Calvinist. I experienced the new Reformed movement without the influence of the non-Calvinist majority. I have seen it for the past fifteen years—long enough to observe its affects on the second generation.

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Close Encounter of the God-Kind

by Walker Moore In this journey called life, I’ve had more than my fair share of unusual encounters. I don’t know why God has allowed these into my life. If they don’t come at every corner, they come at every other one. Some of these encounters come in bits and pieces, much like a 1,000-piece […]

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Mary Dyer: Martyr, Mother, and Mutineer!

“Understanding our day demands understanding the day before.  This means history.” James Emery White  On the first day of June in 1660, Mary Dyer was hanged for her religious beliefs in Boston, Massachusetts.  She left behind six children and a husband.  Like many Quakers, Baptists, and Separatists in early America, Mary Dyer was willing to […]

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Responsive Readings

By Walker Moore I grew up in a small country church. When our family first started attending this church, it had one large room called the sanctuary. The seats were long wooden pews that bent like a horseshoe as they went from one side to the other. Directly below the sanctuary was the basement. Most […]

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Dream On

By Walker Moore I was born a dreamer. I will die a dreamer. My two sons are dreamers, and I hope my coming grandson will be one, too. I tend to think of dreaming as a gift from God. My wife and those who work for me thinks it’s a curse. Somewhere in the middle […]

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