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Our Point of View


In our culture we like to debate and force others to see it from “our point of view.” The Bible is not open to our point of view. Either your point of view is in line with the Bible, or your point of view is wrong. The Bible is NEVER wrong.

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How Connect 316 Promotes Unity

Dr. Rick Patrick

From time to time, people make the erroneous assumption that because Connect 316 embraces theological convictions that are not Calvinistic, we must somehow favor sowing discord and causing conflict. Of course, that’s not the way we see things at all.

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Flowers vs. White


This is the full debate video over which soteriological view is taught in Romans 9. Professor Leighton Flowers defends a non-Calvinistic Southern Baptist perspective and Dr. James White defends the Calvinistic perspective.

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Seven Things Found Only At Grandma’s House

Walker Moore - book

Before our church had air conditioning, the pew racks held handheld fans with pictures of Jesus looking over Jerusalem. And we also had His original picture hanging on the sanctuary wall. Rumor said it was passed down from John the Baptist.

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A Letter To The Church: On Young People Leaving


This is not the kind of article you will want to read. It’s not about the Calvinism debate. It’s not about social-political issues (mostly) and it’s not about how terrible atheists are. Every time I broach this subject, church people get a glazed over look in their eyes.

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