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Kyle Gulledge Elected as New SBC Today Editor

Rick Mug 2015 - Version 8

Few readers realize the heavy time requirements placed on the Editor of SBC Today. This volunteer position demands approximately two hours of work every single day….Both Norm and Jonathan can testify to the blessings and the burdens of the editor’s role.

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Protect or Prepare?

Walker Moore - book

One of the big problems I face as the president of a sending organization is that most parents and churches do little to cast into students the idea of missionary service. Instead, they see their roles as protective…

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The Presidential Election: An Excruciating Choice


Choosing to wash your hands of the whole thing and withdrawing from the process — what I call the “Pontius Pilate option” — is not a valid or defensible alternative for Christians.

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Will Calvinism Split The Southern Baptist Convention?


The perception is that those who LEAD are going to do so for the sake of unity while those who do not work toward unity are not leaders but in fact troublemakers.

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Casual Christianity | Part Two


What Jesus did on the cross was not casual and it should be honored for what it was and is: the act of God whereby it was made possible for us to be taken from darkness to Light

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