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Some Assembly Required

December 9, 2016


By Walker Moore
founder, president of AweStar Ministries

The three most dreaded words of the Christmas season are “Some Assembly Required.” Even though I consider myself somewhat average in the intelligence department, I stand with fear and trembling over what’s inside the box when it comes with the words “Some Assembly Required.” Continue reading

Meditations At The Manger

December 8, 2016


By Tom Elliff
Former President The Southern Baptist Convention and the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention

This article originally appeared here and is used with permission.

Ask people to name their one outstanding mental picture of Christmas and the manger scene recorded in Luke 2:7 is mentioned most often. It was there in Bethlehem, over two thousand years ago, that Christ, who nine months earlier had embedded Himself in Mary’s womb, was brought into this world as a baby; God was, in flesh, now on display for the entire world to see. Continue reading

The Gospel of Globalism and Our Recent Election

December 7, 2016


Ron F. Hale, Sr. Adult/ Pastoral Care Pastor,

West Jackson Baptist Church
Jackson, TN

Coastal elites in America bought into the idea of globalism long ago. The tentacles of globalism now grip the privileged institutions of academia, media, Hollywood, the political establishment of both parties, and the old-money families of high society.   Continue reading

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