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The Security of the Believer / Steve Horn, Ph.D.

steve horn

Can one affirm eternal security without affirming all five points of the TULIP?

SBC and Calvinism: All in? All out? Somewhere in-between?


What law did Esau personally break in order for God to ordain him to eternal misery before he was born?

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The Free Will of Man / Braxton Hunter, Ph.D.


Proof-texts typically offered as evidence of compatibilism hardly suffice upon close examination.

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Layman & former Calvinist notes E. Hankins’ ‘Election’ essay


If our Calvinistic brethren have to resort to this kind of objection, then it is a good indication that they are running out of biblical arguments.

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The Sovereignty of God / Steve Lemke, Ph.D.

Steve Lemke 2

Note that predestination, calling, and justification are conditional upon God’s foreknowledge of those who would be led by the Holy Spirit to respond to the gospel with repentance and faith.

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