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Preaching at Southern Seminary, by Dr. Eric Hankins


Recently I had the privilege of preaching the chapel service at Southern Seminary and participating in a Q&A with Dr. Al Mohler afterwards. In many ways, those events completed an arc that began for me almost two years ago.

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Interpreting and Preaching Hebrews 6.1-8, part 5


The majority of contemporary commentators affirm that the group described in Heb 6:4–6 are genuine believers. The ablest defender in recent times of the viewpoint that 6:4-6 speaks of false believers is ….

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Seven Lessons from the Cross


I’ve been asked to display the cross I carried up Mount Kilimanjaro at the Baptist Messenger booth. On my climb up the mountain, I learned seven things about the cross. Here they are:

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Almost 600 professions from intentional evangelism


In the summer of 2010, God burdened the heart of Pastor Charles Stewart about two matters: the Great Commission and Cana Baptist Church’s implementation of it.

Interpreting and Preaching Hebrews 6.1-8, part 4


“Those who have once been enlightened” most likely refers to the initial illumination that results from a response to the preaching of the gospel, as in Heb 10:32.

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