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Saving Grace Conference


For whose sins did Jesus die? Who are the elect? Is the sinner’s prayer biblical? What exactly is T.U.L.I.P.? Ever had questions like these?

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Hanger Humps

Walker Moore - book

This morning, I got dressed for work and my wife told me I needed to change. Yes, my clothing has to pass inspection every morning before I leave the house. I must confess: I’m a lousy dresser. I know many people who are fastidious about their wardrobe, but I’m not one of them. If it fits, I wear it. This philosophy helps simplify my life. But this morning, my combination wasn’t right for the weather, and I was instructed to put on a sweater.

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Baptist History Spotlight: The Charleston Baptist Association


The year was 1751 and Oliver Hart had just come to Charleston to take the reins of the church at Charleston. He could have concentrated solely on building up the church, which had been down, but instead he sought to reach out to other congregations’ just starting or needing encouragement.

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The Five Points That Led Me Out of Calvinism | Part Two


Calvinists are notorious for asking the unsuspecting believer, “Why did you believe in Christ and someone else does not; are you smarter, or more praiseworthy in some way?” I asked this question more times than I can remember as a young Calvinist.

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Top 5 List of 2014

Jonathan Carter

It has been a wonderful year here at SBC Today! We would like to take this time to thank all of our readership, contributors, and all of those behind the scenes that make this blog site so popular. How popular is it? Let me give you some stats.

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