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5 Questions Pulpit Committees Must Ask Prospective Pastors | Part One


It could be easily assumed that in the process of searching for and calling a pastor, both the church and the prospective pastor desire a good match in matters of doctrine. This assumption has caused many regrettable mismatches and more than a few church splits. Many ministers do not offer information about personal doctrinal stances that may not be shared by the congregation considering them for the pastorate. One area in which a potential pastor may be less than forthcoming lies in the issue of Calvinism.

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Baptist History Spotlight: Shubal Stearns


Stearns was by all accounts an inspirational preacher capable of captivating his audience. The response of his congregations wherever he preached was expressive emotion. None of Stearns’ sermons are available and have disappeared. He was much an impromptu preacher which may account for some of the failure to uncover any sermons in printed form.

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Why Discernment Has Disappeared


I am continually frustrated that Christians, even pastors and theologians, seem to have an overwhelming inability to discern the times. The Christian world is continually making false assumptions about reality, then making decisions based upon those assumptions. A continued downward spiral is the only result.

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The Safe Side

Walker Moore - book

I grew up in a generation that didn’t have car seats. We either sat still in the back seat or our father would blindly flail his arms our way, trying to smack a kid or two while repeating, “Don’t make me pull this car over!” When our kids were growing up, they had something we called a car seat, but it looked more like a plastic box with a small mattress tucked inside and a NASCAR racing harness attached.

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Three Principles for Becoming a More Productive Ministry Leader


To my right was Roy Fish, Professor of Evangelism at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. To my left was a seasoned veteran of evangelism. Both of these well-dressed men seemed enthusiastic about the event. Both of them had previously been asked to serve in this same capacity many times. I had not. Why was I so disinterested?

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