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A Day Is a Day Is a Day of Course: Unless That Day Challenges Darwinism! | pt. III

Ronnie Rogers is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla.

by Ronnie Rogers, pastor Trinity Baptist Church Norman, Okla. (Review pts. I & II) This is the third part of this series of articles, which looks at the strengths of interpreting the word “day” in Genesis chapter 1 as a normal lunar day. The fourth and final article answers objections to this normal reading of […]

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Five Signs You’re Ready for Summer to End

Walker Moore - book

By the end of the summer, you’ve joined a group of other desperate parents circulating a petition for year-round school.

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Reproofs/Review of PROOF / Doug Sayers, former Calvinist


PROOF is proof that you can’t improve tainted Calvinistic wine by putting it in new wineskins.

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Reviewing Gibson on Pauline Soteriology & Limited Atonement in “From Heaven He Came …”


Gibson’s false dilemma fallacy excludes any possibility that Christ could die for the sins of all people.

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Responding to Insults: Unappreciated Pastor


“I’ll tell you how it feels to work two days a week if you tell me how it feels to be a jerk seven days a week.”

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