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Does the Gospel of John Teach Unconditional Election? | Part One


Are the doctrines of the Calvinist theological system the true doctrines of the Bible and all other beliefs false? Is belief in Calvinism the test for one’s love of God? Would the Apostle John consider his, and the other Apostles’, teachings to be the clear foundation for the five points of Calvinism? The answer to these questions, in this writer’s opinion, is a resounding no! But yet some would answer with a resounding yes.

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Sad Accusations of Brewton-Parker


In his SBC Voices blog post titled Sad Revelations at Brewton-Parker, Dave Miller appears to view the trustees and public relations officials at the college in a fairly negative light. While we share Miller’s lament at the crushing news of yet another scandal at the school, we are not nearly as certain that the existence of such charges point to a genuine cover-up of facts by the college.

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Exposition or Exploitation?


A preacher of a previous generation once told me: “If you do not prepare your sermon and your own soul, nothing will come out but hot air.” If you do not deal with the text, God will not deal with your people. Preacher, get in the Word or get out of the pulpit.

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Are You Kelvin Cochran?


If you haven’t heard his name, Kelvin Cochran represents an important struggle in America. The new American “thought police” are seeking to enforce a new definition of tolerance as America seeks to find a balance between the emerging secular prophets of political correctness and the traditional religious beliefs that have shaped American families from the days of Plymouth Rock to the vast fly-over areas of the American heartland in 2015.

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5 Questions Pulpit Committees Must Ask Prospective Pastors | Part Two


Committees should investigate the candidate’s beliefs, point by point, without any hesitation to ask for clarification or to require a “yes or no” answer on any point. After all, your church is at stake, and no honest minister will be offended at your desire to know what he believes.

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