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The Sinfulness of Man


Calvinists explain that God does not violate a lost person’s will but changes their will through regeneration so they are drawn to Christ.

Perfect Peace in Troubled Times

Norm Miller

As proclaimers of the Good News, our message would seem ineffective lest we first are living in God’s peace. And that is initially accomplished by living pure lives. Wholesome lives. Lives above reproach.

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Just Thinking / Walker Moore


The other day, I saw one of these labels on an iron-on transfer kit to make your own T-shirt design. The label read, “Do not iron while wearing shirt.”

Is the Gospel ‘Good News’ for Every Sinner?


The gospel is not the gospel if it is not for everyone.

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Savability: Southern Baptists’ Core Soteriological Conviction and Contribution


“If there is no hope for some, if salvation is impossible and saving grace is unavailable for some, then the Calvinists’ claim that the gospel is for all is, ultimately, self-contradictory” — Eric Hankins.

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