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Category: Front Page Posts

Esau, Esau. Heb 12.12-17


Esau loved pleasure, lacked purpose and lost privilege.

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Why I’m Pro-Laugh / Unappreciated Pastor


“I know folks who have given up because of the silliness and frustration of ministry. By God’s grace I have been able to hold on. I think one of the reasons is because I am pro-laugh.”

I’d Rather Have a Dog


A dog is less expensive to feed. Have you ever tried to keep your shelves stocked with teenagers around? They are human vacuum cleaners.

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Praying at Planned Parenthood


I have witnessed more times than I can count the brashness of young women walking into the abortion mills. We must proclaim a cultural mandate to love these frightened and desperate women.

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Dr. Randy White & “Ask the Theologian” Radio Program


“I am worn out with the ‘Twitter theology,’ as I call it, which encapsulates a pithy doctrinal saying into a few words, but is often not even biblically valid” — Dr. Randy White.

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