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The Regeneration of the Sinner

Ronnie Rogers is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla.

It’s not about total depravity, but whether the Scriptures teach that God sovereignly chose to create man with the ability to exercise faith or not exercise faith.

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The Grace of God


Nowhere does the Bible state that the Holy Spirit is irresistible.

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Family of four joins church; two by baptism

Now it's your turn to tell the world what God is doing in your church.

I am thankful to pastor a church where the Great Commission has not become the great omission.

Recovering the Gospel — Why Belief in an Unlimited Atonement Matters


“We deny that this atonement results in salvation without a person’s free response of repentance and faith.”

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The Sinfulness of Man


Calvinists explain that God does not violate a lost person’s will but changes their will through regeneration so they are drawn to Christ.