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When do we need to repent? Hosea 10:1-15


The gospel is the greatest message in the world. It has the power to change people’s lives when we receive its message. But the soil of human hearts must receive it in order for God to use it to effect change in people’s lives.

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Is Libertarian Free Will Eternal?


“These Calvinistic reinventions mean that the obvious meaning of such verses and passages do not mean what they so palpably say and seem to mean … I find such to not only be biblically unwarranted but a woefully dishonoring view of both God and man.”

Developing Sermon Outlines — Dr. David L. Allen


“Most preachers I know are forever on the lookout for good sermon outlines. Of course, those who preach expositionally will (or should be!) taking their outlines from the text itself” — Dr. David L. Allen

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9/11 changed hearts, minds & missions


Among Southern Baptists, at least, missionary numbers didn’t go down because of 9/11. Many candidates came forward declaring God had called them to follow Him into a dangerous world.

Is your preaching textual?


If a preacher believes in the inerrancy of Scripture and aims to deliver text-driven sermons, this test is no small matter.